8 Ways to Keep Your Twitter Followers

As you probably know, Twitter can prove a powerful PR tool for your company. Of course, the primary goal is to get as many targeted people to follow you as possible. That way, not only will you have plenty of “fans,” but you’ll also have people sharing your content with other people, and them sharing with more people, and so on and so forth.

Now, while it makes perfect sense to try and acquire as many followers as possible, it’s shortsighted to focus solely on this task. See, getting them to click follow is only the first step. Once you’ve hooked them, you have to take special care to keep them.

So What Can You Do to Keep Your Followers?

Here are 8 ways that you increase the odds that your followers become loyal.

  1. Tweet often…but not too often — As with all other things in life, moderation is key and timing is everything. You need to find a healthy balance when it comes to how often you Tweet. You want to stay active, yet you don’t want to overfill followers’ feeds. A good way to do this is by using a service like TweetDeck to schedule out your daily Tweets in the morning.
  2. Share content relevant to your industry — If you sell tires, you should probably stick to Tweets about automobiles. More than likely, customers are following you to get useful information in this category. They probably don’t care much for your views on political candidates or healthcare. In other words, think about what your target market expects from you and give it to them.
  3. Be concise to make it easier to ReTweet — The idea is to facilitate the sharing process. So if your Tweets use up the character limit, your followers will have to manually shorten the Tweets to be able to ReTweet them. This will inevitably prove to be too big of a pain for many people, which means they’ll stop sharing what you have to say. Instead, keep your Tweets to about 110-120 characters. That way they have room to add their own two cents.
  4. Engage your brain before you Tweet — Twitter can make or break you. One wrong word and your brand nosedives. So before you say anything at all, engage your brain and ask yourself, “is it wise to say this to the entire world?”
  5. Talk to your followers — Social media is all about engaging one another in conversation. So make it happen. Talk to your followers. Tweet questions. Look at what they are saying and reply every now and then. Doing so will make you more likable and more approachable.
  6. Inject a little personality — No one wants to follow someone who is boring. So liven it up. Building a brand requires a bit of personality. So let yourself shine through in your Tweets so you seem more human.
  7. Comment on your ReTweets — Too often people just click “ReTweet” on a bunch of links and think they’re doing a good job keeping up with their Twitter account. Wrong. Make sure you add a comment, no matter how brief, to introduce the links you’re ReTweeting.
  8. Say thanks — Finally, when people follow you, let them know you care. In other words, send them a direct message, say thanks, and introduce yourself. And if you send an automated message, for the love of God, don’t let it read like one!

Are you keeping your followers on Twitter? How are you doing it?

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These are great tips. Timing of tweets is perhaps the most important indicator of success. If followers aren’t actually seeing your tweets- what’s the point? Understand Twitter behavior of your target audience and send messages at varied times when they are most likely to be checking in.


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