8 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, you live for comments. Comments are like endorsements. They show that people are actually interested enough in what you’re saying that they’ll take the time to share their own thoughts.

It can get lonely writing each day if no one is responding to your posts. But getting comments can seem almost impossible at times. That’s why I’ve come up with this quick list of 8 tips for getting more comments on your blog.

1. Ask readers to comment – Think of it in terms of conversion. To get a conversion, you have to tell your readers what action you want them to take. If getting comments is the conversion you desire, you need to tell your readers to leave a comment with a simple call to action. It’s that simple.

2. Don’t force registration – The more difficult you make it to comment, the fewer comments you’re going to get. It’s not really that hard. So, it’s your job to eliminate any hurdles that readers might have to jump over to comment. One common hurdle is the forced registration. Don’t make your readers register to comment, because most of them won’t bother taking the time to do it.

3. Don’t complicate things with CAPTCHA – Again, the more difficult you make it comment, the fewer comments you’ll get. I understand that the point of forcing commenters to fill out a CAPTCHA form is to prevent spam, but a lot of those CAPTCHAs are so difficult to read, that they scare commenters away. They’re frustrating, and personally, I’ve skipped out on commenting on other blogs whenever I’ve been confronted with a CAPTCHA.

4. Take a clear side on an issue – Stop trying to please everybody. If you refuse to take a stand on any of the issues you blog about, you’re not going to get readers fired up enough to comment. Share your opinions honestly, and you’ll see people comment because they want to share their thoughts too.

5. Blog about relevant, fresh topics – Why would readers comment on a post that they’ve read a thousand times before elsewhere? Focus on publishing quality, unique content that readers haven’t seen before. This will get them talking.

6. Don’t let spam enter the conversation – If you don’t have a good anti-spam plugin on your blog, the spammers will ruin your comments section. A blog that’s full of spam comments looks spammy itself, and readers won’t want to mix in with the spammers.

7. Be an active commenter on your own blog – One of the reasons readers comment is because they want to interact with you. You need to participate in the comments section. Give thoughtful responses to your readers’ comments, and focus on keeping the conversation going.

8. Give people a reason to comment – People are inherently selfish. They won’t take an action unless they have something to gain. That’s why you need to give readers a good reason to comment. Maybe you could feature the best comments in a weekly post, or maybe you could have commenting contests. Get creative!

What are some of the things you’ve done to get more comments on your blog? Share your best tips by leaving a comment below.

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Good post Mickie – very helpful tips here. I do disagree with one of your tips – to not include a CAPTCHA. You state in #6 to not let spam enter the conversation, which means that you need to approve every comment before it is posted – fair enough. However, in the absence of a CAPTCHA, most small businesses will experience “denial attacks” on their sites which are caused by massive amounts of spam that elevates site activity and a very large amount of data downloads. This costs $, and small businesses that have blogs on their sites can’t afford to not put measures in place (such as a CAPTCHA) in order to severely drain their profits from spammers.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of spam has forced businesses to incorporate things like CAPTCHAS in order to have a blog at all so please bear with the requests to fill these out if you want to post a comment.


Classic advice. For the past week, people have been tweeting What’ your biggest blog pet peeve, and overwhelmingly for me (which I’ve gotten many RTs)
#1 Difficulty commenting. Logins, Registrations, etc.

Not related to comments, blog pet peeve
#2 No RSS feed readily available
#3 No contact information readily available, or at all.

Okay, off my rant. Now, back to work. 😉


@ereleases A great Tip I just got last week. Put your #Twitter handle in your #TweetMeme #plugin so u know who & when some1 RTs & get credit


Excellent article. Made some changes to my blog; everything you said made so much sense and are the exact same reasons I don’t leave comments on some blogs I frequent.


Thank you for these tips! I just started my own blog (whitneychanell.com) and I look forward to implementing these strategies 🙂


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