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7 Tricks for Getting More ReTweets (Plz Retweet)

Want to go viral on Twitter? You need to get people to ReTweet you … lots of people. But sometimes, getting those precious ReTweets is easier said than done.

That’s why I’ve come up with 7 tricks I’ve personally used to get others to ReTweet my content. I truly believe that if you follow these tips closely and use some common sense (don’t try to get every Tweet you send out, every 5 minutes, to go viral), you’ll enjoy some success on Twitter.

1.     Become friends with top influencers – Try to make a list of the top influencers in your industry. Look for those people who seem to constantly get ReTweeted no matter what they say, and try to build relationships with them. Start by ReTweeting them and @replying them to join in conversations with them. Focus on actually creating a relationship with these individuals (in other words, don’t promote yourself to them), and over time, they’ll begin to take notice of you and your Tweets.

2.     Get more followers – Numbers aren’t everything, but the more people who follow you, the better your chances are of getting ReTweets. Ideally, you want followers who are interested in what you have to say. To attract targeted followers, I recommend getting listed in all the major Twitter directories, placing links to your Twitter profile on your blog, website, and other social networking profiles, and Tweeting quality content.

3.     Double up your ReTweet button – One interesting technique I’ve seen used on some other blogs is to double up the ReTweet button on each post. Some bloggers like to put the ReTweet button both at the top and the bottom of their post, making it easy for readers to instantly ReTweet a post no matter where they are on the page. Admittedly, I haven’t tried this yet on my blog, but I think it’s a great idea.

4.     Add “Please RT” to important Tweets – If you’ve been on Twitter long at all, you’ve undoubtedly seen Tweets that start with a “Please RT.” By actually asking people to ReTweet your content, you increase your chances of it happening. It’s like a call to action. But be careful. I only use the “Please RT” method very sparingly, as doing it too often is annoying and makes your call to action seem unimportant.

5.     ReTweet others – You have to give if you want to receive. ReTweeting others shows that you aren’t just on Twitter to promote yourself, and it captures the attention of those you ReTweet, making it likelier that they’ll return the favor in the future.

6.     Thank those who ReTweet you – A simple “thank you” after someone ReTweets you can help humanize you, and it can also help you start to build a relationship with those you thank. I don’t know about you, but I’m much likelier to ReTweet someone who thanks me than someone who ignores me when I try to talk to them.

7.     Write interesting Tweets – You’re never going to trick someone into ReTweeting you. People only ReTweet content they find interesting, so it’s your job to write compelling Tweets. If you’re trying to get your blog post ReTweeted, make sure it has a killer headline that begs to be clicked.

Do you get a lot of ReTweets? How do you do it?

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