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7 PR Resolutions for 2011

As 2010 begins to wind down, I’ve already done my fair share of looking back on the year that was in PR. So now it’s time to start looking forward to 2011. And with the New Year comes resolutions. I have a lot of things I want to get accomplished in the upcoming year, but I’ve narrowed my list down to these 7 key resolutions.

After you finish reading my 7 PR resolutions for 2011, leave a comment with some of your top resolutions.

1. Use social media more efficiently. Make no mistake. Social media is a powerful PR tool. It’s a great way to connect with industry influencers, reporters, customers, and more. But too many people (myself included) waste time with social media. In 2011, I want to focus more on boosting the ROI of my social media efforts. I want to waste less time and get more results from my social media efforts.

2. Pick up the phone more often. I’ve become far too reliant on my computer. The truth is that not all emails get answered, and online interaction doesn’t always get the results of direct communication. In 2011, I want to pick up the phone more often and make strong verbal pitches.

3. Meet some social media connections in real life. Take a look at your list of Twitter followers or Facebook friends. How many of them do you actually know in real life? I’m not saying you need to have met all of them, but you can greatly bolster the strength of your network if you meet people in real life.

4. Know when to say “no” to clients. I recently talked a bit about making the decision whether or not to take on a new client. It’s easy to fall into a trap of doing business with every potential client who comes knocking on your door, but the truth is not every client is worth doing business with. In 2011, I want to do a better job of saying “no” to clients who just aren’t worth the time or effort it takes to maintain them.

5. Grow my blog. After years of blogging, it can be difficult to keep growing a blog. I want to keep attracting new readers, gain more subscribers, and blog more frequently.

6. Focus on quality of exposure rather than quantity. Don’t get me wrong, getting a lot of media coverage is certainly a good thing. But what’s even more important is to get quality media coverage that reaches your target audience. I encourage everyone to focus on the quality of exposure they’re getting in 2011 rather than quantity.

7. No boring press releases. Let’s face it. Most press releases suck. Companies are just sending them out for the sake of sending them out. They distribute press releases out of habit, not because they have a great story to tell. No more boring press releases in 2011!

What are some of your biggest PR resolutions for 2011? Share them by leaving a comment.

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  1. aleeshacpr says:

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  2. Thank you, Mickie for writing this post…it mirrors my own list of 2011 resolutions and it’s a nice nudge to keep going with them. I totally agree that Social Media is a great PR tool for not just the PR professional but for any small business looking to grow their brand and increase relationships. However, it can be all consuming if it’s not used strategically and with discipline. For me, the mornings are when I look for useful content to retweet, inspire and educate myself and my clients. I usually rely on my Tweetdeck for thoughtful tweets like yours, spend a few minutes reading the links and posts and then retweet or comment.

    I am equally as guilty of relying on email for my primary form of communication and find that the phone call is often what seals the deal and gets my pitch accepted. Will work on picking up that phone more!

    I am just getting started on my blog and am very focused on its growth and its usefulness in the world! Reading other blogs like yours only helps me with that one!
    Thanks again for a great post!

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