5 Unconventional Ways to Market Your Blog

Trying to spread the word about your blog but not having any success with conventional routes? Then the next natural step is to try one of the many unconventional ways out there!  Here are a few ideas you can try when the norm just doesn’t cut it anymore.

1. Real World

Just because your blog post exists online doesn’t mean you have to stay there during the promotion of it! There are plenty of places in the “real world” where you can try to spread the word of your blog. When strategizing, think of your audience.

What is the focus of your blog? You more than likely have a predetermined audience for your blog, and that audience doesn’t just exist online. If you write about birds, for instance, put out a card or advertise a giveaway hosted on your blog at your local bird watcher supply stores, or attend bird supply trade shows to hand out flyers.

2. Current Events

You may not think this would work for your blog posts, but capitalizing on current events can be very useful. How to use them can be a bit of a trick, but the payoff can be worth the hard work. If there’s a particularly heated election in your town, maybe you can write a blog post comparing the candidates to certain birds. This way it relates to your blog and also ties into the current event, bringing in solid traffic.

3. Podcast

Yeah, you’re a writer, not a speaker, trust me I get it. But there are some real merits to going on the mic and guesting on a podcast. The most obvious is that some podcasts have a tremendous amount of fans. And when a new listener comes along, they often go back and find all the podcasts they can grab.

The other important thing about podcasting is it gives your audience a chance to really hear your personality. They may be more inclined to read your bird blogs if they get a sense of how funny and witty you are. …Just make sure that you’re funny and witty!

4. Contest

Everyone loves winning stuff! You may not have much to give away, but a fun contest always brings in new eyeballs to your blog. For an added bonus, make the contest a little immersive by putting the answer to the contest inside a blog post. This way, they can’t just sign up and leave your website. Now just offer them some fun bird based goodies and watch the numbers fly.

5. Videos

Another way you can utilize that sunny personality of yours is through a video series. If you doubt your speaking abilities, a video is actually preferable to the podcast. This is because you can totally script everything out and then edit it to your liking.

Be sure to have some decent equipment – lighting is important, as is audio (obviously). For content, you may even be able to recite a portion of a blog post already up. At the end of the video, point them to the blog post in question “for more information.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to promote a blog?

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