5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About LinkedIn

It’s the little social media website that could! LinkedIn has been around way longer than you probably realize, but only recently has it experienced success. Now, everyone who’s everyone uses it. But how much do you know about the premiere professional social media website?

1. It’s Restricted

Last year, LinkedIn users in Syria experienced an unexpected problem: they were cut off from the service completely! Turns out, LinkedIn is subjected to the same US export and import laws and regulations the rest of the country is, which means that certain countries are restricted from using it.

Currently, if you live in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria, then you’re unfortunately missing out on one of the best social media websites the Internet offers. Sorry!

2. Reid Hoffman Came From Paypal

LinkedIn creator Reid Hoffman was the Executive Vice President of Paypal when he came up with the idea for the social media site. He was also a member of the board of directors at the founding of Paypal.

As an active angel investor, Hoffman has also helped found websites like Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Last.fm, and Zynga. Considering the strength of Facebook and LinkedIn in the social media world, it’s kind of surprising one man had his hands in both of them.

3. A New User Signs Up Every Second

According to recent statistics, a new user signs up to LinkedIn every single second. Considering the site already has over 70 million users, it’s giving other social media sites a run for their money.

Also, considering over 200 countries are represented (minus the ones above, of course…), the world-wide reach of LinkedIn can’t be overlooked either!

4. It’s the Oldest

Out of the social media giants on the Internet, LinkedIn is actually the oldest. Hoffman created the site way back in May of 2003. It’s only gotten recognition and the huge upswing of users in the last three years or so, and the least year has seen the site grow exponentially.

Since its inception, it’s seen the rise and fall of Myspace, the creation of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, saw both George W. Bush terms and the first non-white President elected as Commander in Chief.

5. Recruiters are Everywhere

Out of those 70 million users of LinkedIn, approximately 1 out of 20 is a recruiter or headhunter. In fact, software and hardware company Oracle headhunted their Chief Financial Officer Jeff Epstein from his LinkedIn profile.

So if you’ve been dragging your feet adding your profile or updating all your informatio, you’ve probably missed out on literally dozens of opportunities to find that next great client or job. Get to it!

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