5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Facebook

Facebook is a website many of us use everyday, whether for personal or business use. Though you might think you know everything about the leading social media website, it holds at least a few mysterious and unknown facts that may surprise you.

1. You Can’t Breastfeed

Back in 2008, news reports started leaking that Facebook was deleting pictures of women breastfeeding their kids, citing them as “obscene.” If the offense was bad enough or repeated, their profiles were simply erased.

The backlash to the policy was quickly organized. Over 11,000 women participated in a “nurse-in,” changing their profile pictures to one of themselves nursing their child. Several Facebook groups were created as well, including the most famous one, “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding is Not Obscene!”

The website has not budged on the policy and the controversy continues to this day.

2. There’s a Disorder Named After It

As Facebook use began to grow and gain public notice, concern over how much time was dedicated to the service grew as well. So much so that a disorder, Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD), was created to identify potential overusers.

Of course, humans are capable of becoming addicted to practically everything, so it’s not really that much of a surprise. If you do feel like you’re spending too much time on Facebook and can’t seem to stop, there are plenty of places to go…including, of course, a Facebook group for it.

3. It’s Banned

Not just at the office your buddy works at, either! Facebook has been banned from several countries, including Syria, China, Vietnam, Iran, and Pakistan. Most countries that ban sites like Facebook are worried about social uprising, so if there’s no way for people to connect, there’s no threat of them uniting. So, the next time you use Facebook to stalk your ex, remember the freedom you have and use it for a greater good!

4. Almost Became Napster 2

One of the main features back when the site was called “thefacebook” was peer to peer file sharing through a program called Wirehog. According to founder Mark Zuckerberg, he always figured Wirehog would be the feature that would attract users.

Imagine if he’d been correct, and the illegal fire sharing had spread across the Facebook we know and love today! Instead of controversy about privacy issues, the website would be under a different kind of scrutiny.

5. It Ruins Politicians

From Bill Frist to Rudy Giuliani, Facebook has put very large nails in the coffins of several politicians’ aspirations. When a British politician thought it would be a good idea to dress up as a missing girl at a New Year’s Eve party and post the pictures on his profile, it naturally and deservedly destroyed his career.

It’s easy to forget that, even though it’s your personal profile, uploading every picture you take at your party might not be such a great idea. So keep in mind if you’ve got the slightest inclination of getting into the political game, watch what goes up for everyone to see!

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Fascinating information. Are you referring to Rudy’s daughter supporting Obama on her Facebook page when Giuliani was making a bid for the presidency? That had to hurt.


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