5 PR Tactics You Should Bring Back

While most of the talk in PR revolves around Facebook and SEO, there are a ton of tactics and ideas that get shoved to the back burner. If you need a boost for your company, try out one of the following for a change of pace. Sometimes it helps to try something a little different!


1. Photo Advisory

A photo advisory is a pretty old school tactic that basically involves telling anyone with a camera to “stop on by” your store because something cool is going to happen. This is usually accompanied by you, in fact, doing something cool, like holding a contest that’s worthy of snapping a few hundred photos. Maybe you have a special guest showing up – nobody would want to miss that, would they?

2. Tie Into the News

What’s in the news right now? You may be able to use it to your advantage. This heat wave has been driving everyone crazy, but lucky for you since you happen to sell custom flavored freeze pops. Sell the story to the local news how you’re helping to “fight the heat” and watch your sales soar.

3. Hang Out on Forums

Some call it time-wasting, but holding real conversations with your customer base is never a bad idea. Go to where your customers are and find out what they’re talking about. Chances are you’ll be able to relate in some way and can chat along with the best of them. Remember to talk, not sell, or they’ll ignore you or kick you out completely.

Quick pro-tip: avoid religion and politics, especially on the Internet!

4. Send Out Product

People like free stuff. When people get free stuff that’s awesome, they’ll talk about it. Send your latest release to bloggers, radio hosts, your dentist, whoever else you feel will blab about it to anyone who will listen.

Word of mouth is still a very viable means of gaining momentum, and not just online. Rather than a company telling them something is awesome, they hear it from their friends, which can automatically lead to a stronger bond with the product.

5. Hold a Conference

I don’t necessarily mean a weekend long conference (unless you’re really up to the task), but more along the lines of a web or press conference. You’ll want to talk about something specific in your industry rather than sell, so be prepared to do tons of research and writing and editing.

The end result, though, can do wonders for your reputation. If you pull off one or two of these conferences, your audience will see you as an “expert” in your field. This gives you a big head start when a new product gets released by your company. In the eyes of your audience it’s a sure thing since you’re so knowledgeable.

What are some “classic” tactics you always wanted to try but haven’t had the nerve?

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