5 More PR Boosting Topics for Your Company Blog

Need some more fresh ideas for your company blog to shake it out of its complacency? Try these 5 to bring some new light on the same old subject. They might just get your creative juices flowing and give you an idea for a great post or even a series!

1. Fawn

Do you regularly enjoy another company’s product or service? Love visiting someone’s website enough you could rave about it? Well why don’t you? It may seem a little off-topic, but take time to tell others about the great thing you’ve found. If necessary, work in what ideas you take from their company to improve their own. Tell the company about it so they can post links to your raving review.

2. Review Your Industry

If you think you know your industry well enough, consider blogging about the current state of it. Other folks working in the same industry love to read about this kind of thing as it’s hard to keep track of exactly what’s going on at all times. Keeping a running tab of how well certain businesses are doing and what new technology has come out can help not just you but everyone in the field. A lot of work for what could be a lot of payoff.

3. Start a Series

Instead of deeming a blog post as just a one-shot topic, break the information up to start a series. Take bullet points you were planning to cover and expound on them. Spread this series out over a couple of weeks. You may find that these posts are more detailed and informative than what you first came up with. Your readers benefit from well researched and deeper blogs and you might get a reputation as an expert in your field.

4. Deem One Day Off Topic Day

It can’t be all serious all the time, right? Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that take one day out of the week to toss us a funny bone or two. They’re usually titled “Saturday Silliness” or “Off Topic Tuesday,” letting readers know this isn’t the normal blog post.

Do some tough research and scour the Internet for the goofiest thing you can find! Funny videos, articles, maybe a silly song or two; as long as it doesn’t horribly offend your readers, toss it up there. No such thing as on-topic on Wacky Wednesday!

5. Complain

Instead finding things to love, think of some things to complain about! People love to do it, and you may find some solidarity with your readers. Had a bad experience at a store? Tell people about it! A distributor giving you heck? Rake ‘em over the coals!

One thing: make sure these kinds of posts stretch the limits of your wit. Nobody really likes to read about someone’s woes unless you can take it all in stride. Try to find the humor in the situation and you should be golden!

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