5 Blogs to Start Reading Immediately

I know you get all the info you could ever need from my writing, so you’re wondering why I’m even suggesting you read other blogs. The truth is I can only do so much! Others out there provide brilliant insights and unique perspectives on public relations issues. It would be a shame to keep them to myself, so here’s a short list of some of my favorites! 

Priority File Shows Speedy Rush Immediate Delivery1. Spin Sucks 

Want to get down to the nitty-gritty of PR, social media, and marketing? Then leave all the spin in your washing machine (that was terrible, sorry) and read Spin Sucks. There are usually two posts per day and they’re all chock full of real world information you can use for your own campaigns.

Great Posts: Wondering how Miley Cyrus and her PR team pulled/are pulling off her recent transformation? Spin Sucks’ take on the case can shed some light. Or have you wondered how client acquisition relates to dating? They’re not too far off from each other when you think about it! 

2. The Future Buzz

Want some real unique takes on everyday news and how it relates to our business? The Future Buzz dives straight into what’s being talked about and what it means for every PR pro out there.

Great Posts: Banksy was selling some of his high-priced artwork for close to nothing because nobody recognized him. What does it mean? Also, how much do visuals count when it comes to getting into your customers heads? It’s your secret weapon! 

3. Bad Pitch Blog 

The Bad Pitch Blog is a great place to if you want to know what NOT to do when pitching an idea or press release to a magazine, newspaper, or other media source. They cover some of the most ridiculous pitches they’ve ever seen plus much more. Read and cringe!

Great Posts: If you’ve ever thought about using a celeb’s death to pitch a press release, this post should tell you why that’s a terrible idea. Also, how bad can one little typo be? Read on to find out.

 4. PR Newser 

Don’t have a lot of time? PR Newser gives you all the blurbs you need in little to no time. Rather than going into depth about the news, they simply present it so you can read it and move on. A great blog to follow if you simply don’t want to get left behind.

Great Posts:  A recent study shows consumers shame lackadaisical business Twitter accounts. Microsoft released a bunch of zombies in Canada to promote their new game. A Dallas yoga store has a major #PRFail when they slam a local charity.

5. PR in Your Pajamas 

It’s nice to think wildly and dream big as an entrepreneur, but sometimes you just need practical PR advice you can use. And sometimes you need this advice before you really get your day started. PR in Your Pajamas gives you both!

Great Posts: We all know PR is important, but just how valuable is it to a busy entrepreneur? Also, social media is all the rage, but you may not have a lot of time to do it. Here’s how to consolidate your social media efforts.


What other blogs do you recommend?

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You’re forgetting the No. 1 PR website in the country–PRDaily.com


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