3 Widely Accepted Blogging Tips That We May Need To Rethink

You never have to look far to find blogging tips. Almost every day, someone is publishing a new post with tips for new and experienced bloggers alike. And like everything else, there’s some good advice and lots of bad advice. There are also lots of tips that seemingly everyone agrees upon. Many of these tips are no longer even viewed as such; instead, they’re almost considered rules for successful blogging.

But today, I want to take a step back and question the validity of some of these widely accepted blogging tips. I’m not even saying I fully disagree with these pieces of advice, but I think it’s important to at least question them and dig a little deeper to determine if these tips really are as sound as we’ve been led to believe.

Here are 3 widely accepted blogging tips I encourage you to rethink.

  1. Write on a schedule – This might be the most common piece of blogging advice out there. Nearly every blogging “expert” out there says that you need to set a consistent posting schedule. Heck, I’ve even offered up this advice in the past. And while I still believe that this advice does have merit, I can’t help but think it might not always be the best idea.
  2. When you start blogging on a schedule, blogging can quickly turn into a chore…a job…rather than something you’re passionate about. And when you feel like you have to post something because of your schedule, you could very well end up posting mediocre, filler content instead of your best work. When that becomes a habit, the quality of your blog declines and you can start to lose readers. Isn’t it better to focus on quality instead of consistency?

  3. Write like you talk – Here’s another nugget you’ve surely hear: Write like you talk. Again, this is classic writing advice that has been offered long before blogging even existed. And it’s widely accepted advice. But is it good advice?
  4. While I do believe that it’s important to have a distinct writing voice and to capture a conversational tone in your blogging, the truth is that if you wrote exactly how you spoke, you’d end up with terrible content. Most people aren’t elegant speakers. Their speaking is hampered by lots of “umms” and “you knows” and “likes.” Their speaking is also disorganized and all over the place because they’re forced to think on their feet.

    Better advice would be to take inspiration from your speaking, but don’t write exactly like you talk.

  5. Write with the search engines in mind  and the rest will take care of itself – The search engines do love blogs. They crave fresh content. That’s why a lot of bloggers say that you should write your posts with the search engines in mind first and foremost. They say you should do keyword research and include keywords in your blog titles and throughout each post.

There’s just one tiny problem with this. If your top priority is to write search engine friendly content, you’re already missing the main point of blogging. Blogging isn’t about Google; it’s about your readers. Write with your readers in mind, and do any SEO tweaks at the end.

Do you agree that these blogging tips need to be rethought? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Absolutely agree with number 3. The search engines want to rank the content that their readers will like. It’s obvious if a post is just there for SEO purposes. Your target audience should always be the first priority. After all, they are the ones that will convert.


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