3 Major Things Your Customers Want You to Fix

You are three little steps away from making some of the most money you’ve ever made with your store. Just three things you need to completely overhaul with your business to make everything click.

Don’t blame me – talk to your customers. They’re the ones saying it. They want to buy more of your stuff, but something’s holding them back. Fixing the following three elements of your business could make the difference between losing sales and whistling all the way to the bank.

1. Your Website

For too long your customers have put up with broken links, stretched pictures, and confusing shopping carts. They’re here to say they simply won’t put up with it one more day. It’s time to take a look at your website and fix everything that’s broken!

Check every link. Readjust and reload every warped picture. In fact, just go ahead and find new pictures, or take some new ones yourself. Go over your shopping cart procedures and test how confusing it is. You’ll be surprised at all the errors you find, and hopefully discover ways to fix them.

2. Your Customer Service

You think your customer service is up to snuff, and maybe most of the time it is. But sometimes it utterly fails, and those are the times you really need to study what goes on. Because when the going gets tough, and everyone needs help at once, the agents won’t be able to keep up.

The best way to amend your customer service is to listen to the first word in the phrase – your customers! They know what’s wrong as they’ve been through the process. Open up your ears and listen to the complaints, as there will be some good advice contained in there.

3. Your Brand

You spent what you perceived as a long time developing a brand for your company. The problem, though, is you spent all that time on the WRONG brand for your company. Currently, your mascot is a roadrunner, as you think everything about your company is speedy. But that’s not entirely the case, and your brand really should reflect your dependability more than speed. A Labrador for the mascot, perhaps?

Really take your brand seriously. It’s not just some random stuff you come up with to design your color scheme around. Your brand is what people talk about when the industry you sell within comes up. If your brand is weak, you have no identity, no public face. A strong brand that’s properly associated with your company can stir conversation and inspire people to buy from you simply because of recognition.

What are some other things you could improve on for your customers?

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