3 Emails You Should Be Sending Right Now

Are you ignoring your email marketing campaigns? It’s time to cut that out and fire your keyboards back up. To get you started, here are three emails you should be sending out on a regular basis. They will help you establish authority, show you care, and generally just wow all your customers so they can’t wait to come back for more. 

E1. Quick Tips 

One way many PR and marketing people use email campaigns is to build authority. The more information and unique perspectives you offer to your customers, the more they’ll grow to trust what you say. When this happens, they’re more likely to not only listen to you but to recommend you to others.

Small tips that your customers can read quickly and move on with are a great way to build this authority. If you make them digestible enough it also gives them ample opportunity to share the tips with others on social media or through email.

Just make sure the tips make sense for your customers. Even need be you can tailor individual emails or even in groups – for example, if you have a group of suburban moms and a group of punk rock teenagers as customers, send one email full of tips for after-school activities and another on how to clean leather jackets. 

2. Follow-Ups 

You like to think everything was smooth sailing after your customer bought your item, but that’s of course not always the case. While you undoubtedly have gone over all your products with a fine-toothed comb (including the comb itself), it’s still a good idea to make sure everything came out ok.

For one, the customer may be having a problem you never expected. The longer they go not actually using your product and instead going insane while cursing your name, the more likely they’re not going to come back for more. Head this off at the pass.

Another reason to follow-up is you can send them to your social media sites for more info. Let them know that’s where they’ll get the most up-to-date news on product updates and other company news. This helps gear these profiles toward netting even more sales. 

3. Build Relationship/Improve Service 

Everybody likes a company that’s interested in maintaining a sense of pride when it comes to their level of service. So if you’re taking an active interest in how smoothly your business runs, customers will notice.

Send them an occasional note to see if there’s anything you can do for them. To really improve service, send out a survey and find out what area of your business you can fix for them. Make sure to also ask what the high points are so you know what areas to focus on.

This also builds a relationship between you and the customer. They know you’re there for them when they need you – and then some! This goes well with authority building as well, as you’ll appear to have total control of all aspects of your company.

How many emails do you send out every week?

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