11 Types of Twitter Updates You Can Make

Trying to build a strong Twitter presence for your business? Quality content is the key to attracting and keeping followers, so you have to make sure your updates are the best they can be.

But coming up with fresh, high quality updates several times each day can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve come up with this quick list of 11 different types of Twitter updates you can make.

  1. What you’re doing right now – These types of updates can be a bit mundane if you do them too often, but the occasional personal update about what you’re doing right now adds a little personality into your Twitter profile, helping you to connect with your audience on a more personal level.
  2. Open-ended question – There’s no better way to start a conversation with your followers than to ask them an open-ended question. For instance, as a PR guy, I could ask my followers “What’s the biggest PR mistake you’ve ever made?” Open-ended questions get people talking.
  3. Link to your latest blog post – Just published a new post on your blog? Tweet out a link to drive some traffic to it.
  4. Link to offsite informational article or video – Don’t be afraid to Tweet out links to articles, blog posts, and videos from other websites. If the information is useful and interesting to your followers, share it with them.
  5. Inspirational quote – Quotes always make for great Tweets because the best quotes make strong points in just a few short words.
  6. Quick tip – Highlight your expertise by sharing tips with your followers. For instance, as a PR guy, I could Tweet something like the following: “Tip: Sending out a series of newsworthy press releases over a period of time is a great way to get media coverage.”
  7. Twitter activities – Participate in special Twitter activities like Follow Friday to create fresh, relevant updates for your followers.
  8. Recommendation – Read a book you think your followers would enjoy? Just saw a good movie? Tweet out recommendations to your followers whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  9. ReTweet something your followers will like – ReTweets are the easiest updates to post because you just have to click the ReTweet button on someone else’s Tweet to share it with your followers.
  10. Response to someone’s question – Did someone you’re following ask a question or raise a point that’s worth responding to? Jump in the conversation!
  11. Promotional Tweet – There’s nothing wrong with using Twitter to promote your business, but you do have to be careful that you don’t overdo it with the promotional Tweets because your followers will begin to ignore them.

What are some other types of Twitter updates you can make? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

This article is written by Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases (http://www.ereleases.com), the online leader in affordable press release distribution. Download your free copy of 7 PR Tactics for Success in Any Economy here: http://www.ereleases.com/7cheaptactics.html

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