Your Competitors Know What You’re Up to Online

Hey, guess what? Everyone in your community is watching you, including all the people who want you to fail so they can capitalize on your demise. Your competitors are watching you like a hawk – especially what you’re doing online!

That’s right; all your Facebook posts, blogging efforts, and even your LinkedIn updates are being spied on right this very minute. Not out of maliciousness, of course – they’re not hacking into your accounts or anything nefarious. However, they are looking over your virtual shoulder to see what great campaigns and sales points you’ve come up with.

Why? To get their own ideas, of course. And you should be doing the same to them!

Going Public

One of the “dangers” of being in the public eye is people are looking at you. While that sounds amazing at first, sometimes it can be a little irritating and sometimes even downright scary.

Being a successful businessperson in a community – whether it’s a physical community, an industry, or an online community – is kind of like living the life of a celebrity. You may enjoy the fame and the money, but eventually that one person is going to come up to you and say something mean. Then someone else takes a picture of you when you’re eating breakfast with your kids. (Okay, so hopefully THAT doesn’t happen to you!)

With all the power and the notoriety come problems you may never have thought of before. But it’s a small price to pay for being successful, so you deal with it. Unlike the celebrity, though, you can turn it all around by checking out the competition yourself.

Know Your Enemy

You see, what your competitors want is to know what makes you so successful. Why do you get to ride around in limos moving product a warehouse at a time when they’re still getting off the ground?

But the same can go for you. Undoubtedly your “enemies” are doing something right with their business. Maybe they had a great ad campaign, or built a wonderful social media presence, or even took an idea you originated and escalated it to brilliance.

Whatever their great achievements are, you should take note. For one, you want to make sure you’re not just copying whatever the next guy is doing. Second, there may be something in their marketing or PR you can play off of – if they’re continually talking about how eco-friendly their product is, maybe you can show how yours is even better for the environment.

If you truly want to be the best in your community and “defeat” the competition, you have to know them inside and out. Otherwise you’re just guessing and grasping at straws. Even if you’re not watching them, you can rest assured they’re watching everything you do both online and off.

Do you regularly keep tabs on your competitors? How do you do it?

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