Why Your Niche Isn’t Working

You can put a ton of energy into your business venture and it never takes off. No matter what you do or say your hard work just won’t turn into success like you want. Even worse, it appears to be totally random and just bad luck as to why you’re not rolling in money; there’s nothing else you could have done. 

Or is there? What seems like an obvious solution to us may not actually be reality. You can have a product you just KNOW will blow up with a certain niche but if they don’t like it, they don’t like it.

Target your customersThe question then becomes: what are you doing wrong? Is there something you can actually do to attract your niche audience or is it all a matter of chance?

Trying Too Hard 

Again what may be obvious to you may just be total nonsense to somebody else. You think you have the perfect item for your niche audience but they just don’t see it the way you do. Since the product isn’t moving, though, you may end up trying too hard.

As an example, let’s say you’re selling portable exercise enhancement machines. They’re easily collapsible and are perfect for someone on the go to get a nice quick workout. You’ve always though the niche your product would fill is busy office workers who just don’t have time to go to the gym.

However, no matter how hard you try, your product sits on the shelf. You push the “busy office person” angle so hard you’re practically screaming in their faces but they just aren’t interested. You start to think the entire venture is a bust.

Knowing Your Audience 

One day, though, you attend a weightlifter’s convention in hopes of attracting a new audience. Turns out, your product is perfect for them. It gives the weightlifters a chance to work out during down time which can improve their game dramatically.

At this point you can rant and rave and curse at the heavens you spent all that time scrambling for customers who were never interested. A better alternative is to just shrug your shoulders and accept it. The niche audience you wanted isn’t necessarily the one you’re going to get – and there’s nothing wrong with it.

It really helps to know your audience (or your preferred audience). If you had done focus studies before your launch of the exercise machine you would have realized it was too “advanced” for the non-athletic types. It seemed overly complicated and unnecessary when they can barely make it to the gym. The weightlifters all loved it exactly for the same reason.

So just because your niche isn’t working the way you want it to doesn’t mean another would suffer the same fate. Poke around a bit and see what people like and don’t like about your product. Send it out to representatives of other niches (maybe noted product reviewers?) who could better give you an idea if others would latch on. If they do, you may just have a success on your hands.

Have you had a market niche totally ignore a product you just knew they would love?

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