Why Radio Interviews Represent a Great PR Opportunity

Think the radio is dead? Think again! Radio still offers a great opportunity for generating free publicity. Landing an interview on a radio show to discuss your product, service, book, or cause that you want to promote can help you reach a huge, targeted audience that is hanging on every word you say.

So before you declare the death of radio, consider these reasons that radio interviews offer a great PR opportunity.

  • Everyone wants to be on TV — With everyone vying for TV interviews, landing an interview on the radio is easier than ever before. You have less competition, and your chances of getting contacted by a radio producer for an interview are higher than they are for TV. The opportunities are there; you just have to reach out and grab them. Or as Walter White of Breaking Bad fame recently said, “There is gold in the streets, just waiting for someone to scoop it up.” Go scoop up some golden radio interview opportunities while everyone is clawing and fighting for a spot on TV.
  • Less editing gives you more freedom to promote — By its very design, radio shows offer more flexibility than TV shows. With TV, there is often much editing, strict time limits, and little room for controlling the conversation. Radio tends to be a bit looser, and when you’re getting interviewed, you have a bit more freedom to mention your website, pitch your product, and steer the conversation.
  • Your interview can run longer — I can’t tell you how many times I’ll be listening to an interview on the radio and the host will decide on the spot to extend the conversation for another segment. I’ve heard interviews that were supposed to last a single segment end up going on for an entire hour or longer. That’s because radio shows tend to not be booked as tightly as TV shows, so there’s always the possibility that you can get more airtime than you bargained for.
  • Listeners tend to be very engaged — Talk radio listeners are usually actively engaged in what they’re listening to. They tend to be very loyal to the hosts of the shows they listen to, almost regarding him or her as a trusted friend. So whenever you land an interview on a radio show, the listeners will pay close attention to you as well, because you’re viewed as someone endorsed by the host.
  • The lack of a camera helps you feel more relaxed — Being on TV can make anyone nervous. You’re in front of a camera and countless people can not only hear you but see you as well. With radio, no one sees you. There’s a little bit of anonymity with radio that can help you feel a little more relaxed when you’re getting interviewed. It’s just like being on the phone with a friend.

What are some other advantages radio interviews offer?

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