What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Content

Running a blog for your business takes time. Posting relevant content requires brainstorming, researching, and a lot more. That’s not to mention all the countless revisions your work must go through. It’s a tough, time-consuming process.

For that reason, more and more bloggers with no integrity opt to steal other people’s content. And we’re not just talking about people who take your ideas and spin them into their own post. No, we’re talking about those people who blatantly rip off your hard work, word for word.

See, while Google has taken steps to penalize these plagiarizers, it still isn’t stopping everyone. If they care about search rankings then maybe it’s enough to keep them from stealing your content. But if achieving top search spots isn’t their goal, then why not swipe your content and try to pass it off as their own?

Knowing that there is no real consequence for such behavior, what happens when you find out someone has stolen your work? What can you do to fix the situation?

  1. Contact the blogger – First things first, contact them and tell (don’t ask) them to take it down. Now it’s important that you don’t come off as rude or threatening. Just inform them that it’s your copyrighted material and they can either pay you for it or take it down immediately. In some cases, you will find that they didn’t even realize they were making a mistake. In others, they won’t respond but will take it down immediately.
  2. Report a DMCA violation – If the site owner fails to respond, it’s time to report a violation to their hosting provider. Make sure you give very specific information, including the offending link and the link of original publication. Typically, this step will cause the site to get blocked until they take the article down.
  3. Contact the advertisers – Another thing you can do is contact the advertisers connected with the offending blog. Often they’ll pull their advertisements, shutting down the blog’s income stream.

Content theft is a very serious issue. If it happens to you, take the above steps and make a stand. The more we let these things slide, the more we all suffer.

Can you think of anything else you can do when facing content theft?

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