The Most Important Reason PR is Good for Your Business

We can talk about building a presence, or creating a brand for your business, or any other aspect of public relations until we’re blue in the face. In the end, though, there’s one thing about public relations that you can’t ignore. It’s the single most important reason public relations is good for your business.

What is that reason? The simple fact that if nobody is talking about your company, you are dead in the water.

Make ‘em Talk

This is basically what public relations boils down to: keeping your company on people’s minds. Even when PR is being used to put out proverbial fires, you’re doing what you can to not only fix the issue but make sure the company is on everyone’s tongue.

This is part of the reason some say there is “no such thing as bad publicity.” At the core, what you’re trying to do is get out there and do what you can to sell product. This includes talking to people, finding out what they want, how best to assist them when stuff goes wrong, etc.

Of course, bad publicity does exist, and we’ve all seen that in the past with cases like BP. However, if the oil spill had been handled correctly, we would’ve been talking about how well BP cleaned up the Gulf and apologized instead of how terribly they messed up.

Have a Plan

Most of the success that comes out of PR comes with having a solid plan. Throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks may work one time out of a million, but those with a plan will find it much easier. This is especially true when things go wrong, like the aforementioned BP case.

To keep your company in the minds of your customers (and beyond), think how you can design your campaigns around this idea. You can approach PR from a number of ways, but again at its core it’s all about remind people you exist. And you have to do it over and over…at least, as long as you want your business to stick around.

What exactly about your company makes people want to talk? What made YOU so interested in the first place? If it’s your own company, why did you start it up? What made you think that particular niche needed to be filled? These are the kinds of questions that can lead to some very real topics for your customers to also discuss. What drives you should also drive your customers!

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