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news_laptopIn the past, I’ve often talked about using the leaky faucet approach to PR. This tactic demands that you drop a series of newsworthy press releases consistently over time so that the media will eventually pick up one of your stories. The leaky faucet approach requires consistency and a high volume of quality press releases.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to take this tactic too far. There’s a thin line between steadily sending out press releases and sending out way too many press releases. If you distribute too many press releases, you could do serious damage to your brand while burning bridges with important media contacts.

Why do companies send out so many press releases?

If sending out a lot of press releases can be so dangerous, why do companies continue to do it? Why do they keep sending out boring press releases that contain no hook and no truly newsworthy angle?

  • Build brand awareness. By sending out a constant barrage of press releases, companies think they’re increasing their name recognition. They think the media will start to recognize them and cover their stories. And there’s some shred of truth to that. But when you send press releases several times a week, you’ll start to build the wrong kind of awareness. Your name will become synonymous with spam.
  • Increase chances of getting media coverage. The leaky faucet approach says that sending press releases consistently gives you a better chance of getting media coverage. After all, you can’t hit a homerun if you never step up to the plate.
  • Improve search engine rankings. SEO and press releases go hand in hand. When done properly, press releases can help build links and increase your search engine presence. Unfortunately, most companies take this too far by sending out over-optimized, spammy press releases.

Why sending too many press releases can be a bad idea

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What’s going to happen to you if you send out too many press releases? Here are just a few of the potential negative ramifications.

  • Sacrificing quality for quantity. The secret to successful PR distribution is to have quality, newsworthy press releases. The leaky faucet approach doesn’t work unless this piece is in place. The problem with having a very high quantity of press releases to send out is that quality inevitably suffers. You end up with less interesting angles and a shoddier final product.
  • Annoying recipients on a constant basis. Put yourself in the shoes of the reporter. If you received a new press release almost every day from the same company, wouldn’t you start to get annoyed? Media relationships can be very fragile, and you can’t always take such an over-the-top, aggressive approach.
  • Boy who cried wolf syndrome. If you’re constantly saying that you have a new, hot story that needs to be covered, the media is going to eventually start ignoring you. They know you’re just throwing a bunch of sh** against the wall to see what sticks. It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome.

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