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Do you ever feel like success is running away from you? I know I occasionally feel like true success is just out of reach. This is usually a result of setting my goals way too high and not knowing what I want at the time. When I re-evaluate what I’m actually reaching for suddenly I realize just how well I’m really doing.

I'm late!Could this be what’s ultimately bugging you? If so, success isn’t running from you – just the opposite, in fact. If you’re setting your goals so high you may never reach them, you could be running from your own success.

Know What You Want 

Goals aren’t there just to know what we’re supposed to do next. They’re also there to give you something to shoot for. If you want to improve your Facebook likes, setting a goal of getting 50 per month helps more than an aimless “more likes.”


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On the other hand, when you set your goals too high you’re making them unattainable in order to fail. Obviously you’re not doing this on purpose but that’s usually what happens. After all, if you didn’t quite make your 2000 more likes per month on Facebook goal, who could blame you? Maybe the first time you do it it’s just a rookie mistake – after that, you’re doing it on purpose.


The problem with this is you end up feeling like you never accomplish anything. It may seem odd; what if when aiming for 2000 you get 200 likes? That’s more than the 50+ likes you would’ve gotten with a 50 like goal, so isn’t that better?

All in Your Head 

Your mental state is more important than you think. The results are the ultimate prize, sure, but if you don’t feel great about the state of your business you’ll end up running it differently. This difference could be a big deal in the end.

So obviously 200 likes is bigger than 50 or so. However, one ends up with you feeling great about your growth and the other feels like you missed out on something and nobody likes you. People are funny creatures in that it doesn’t take very much for us to feel like we missed out. Once you get it in your head your PR campaign isn’t working, it sticks – even if it isn’t exactly true!

This is why setting realistic goals is so important. It’s NOT the result that matters in this case. If you continue to set ridiculous goals for yourself you may want to evaluate why you’re trying to sabotage your chances of success. There’s clearly something making you run from success and it isn’t the amount of likes you need!

How good are you at setting realistic goals for your business?

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