How to Repurpose Old Blogs

At some point you’ll look back at your old content and wonder what it’s doing for you. An old blog may get a hit once in a blue moon, but mostly it’s just sitting there, not making you money anymore. It’s day is long past. Isn’t there anything you can do to make it work for you again? 

the word repurpose in old wood typeIn fact, there are several things you can do with old blogs that will breathe new life into them. Try one of the following ideas to bring your classic ideas back to the forefront of readers’ minds.

Use it Offline 

Do you have a presentation, speech, or other public speaking event coming up? Revisit your old posts and see what from them you can take for it. There’s bound to be lots of great points that you completely forgot about that will work wonders on boosting up your speech or presentation.

You may want to take the old blogs down, though, especially if people are paying for the event. You don’t want them to stumble on the old blog and realize they don’t have to attend. Plus, you can always add it back later.


It’s about time you started up your email marketing content anyway, isn’t it? Take some of those old blogs and see which ones you can use as content for email newsletters. The main difference here is the format is going to be fairly different – if you stuck to the usual 500 word limit for a blog, you’ll likely want to chop it up pretty good before sending it along as email content.

One idea is to frame it differently, like in bullet points or even each individual point as its own email subject. This way you really get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.


Hey, your customers and fans are busy. They want everything in bite-sized videos or in podcast form so they can listen to it at the gym or on the way home from work. So give them what they want and repurpose your old blogs for podcast or video discussions.

See if you can bring in a guest or two to discuss the topic with you. This way not only are you repurposing your blog post, you’re also giving your fans brand new perspectives. It won’t just be you repeating the same old info, and you might even end up seeing the info from a totally new angle.


Depending on the industry you write about, it likely changes and evolves all the time. The blog post from years past is most likely outdated and at least partially incorrect. So rather than just wipe it away, why not give your fans an update on how things have changed?

Not only does this update the info, this also shows your readers you care about staying up to date and fresh. If they see you literally saying “we used to think this way, now we think like this,” they’ll know they’re dealing with a business that’s open, honest, and willing to listen and adapt to the times.

How old does a blog have to be before it’s repurposed?

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