PR Basics: Boost Brand Recognition with Value-Add Content

The blog you’re reading is published by, a commercial press release service. PR Fuel is value-added content that also serves as contextual advertisement for the company’s services and keeps the company’s brand in front of potential customers. Value-added content, especially on a company’s web site, has become an easy, inexpensive public relations tool, allowing you to distribute new information about your company instantly. It is also increases brand recognition and promotes repeat visitors to your site. Here are few tips on how to get started providing value-added content online.

The internet has made producing and distributing value-added content fast and simple. Utilize free or low-cost online publishing tools such as WordPress and Blogger. If you already have a web site, it’s easy to set up a new page that you can regularly update with new content with this sort of publishing software. If you don’t have a web page, companies like Blogger will host a blog for you.

Value-added content works well especially for brick and mortar businesses. If you run a garden supply store, launch a blog devoted to gardening. You can link to articles from around the world about gardening and keep your brand in front of customers eyes. Customers spend more time in their home than they do at your store. But if you have a web site that provides them with valuable, entertaining value-added content, you can extend your reach to the consumer.

Consider some of the following examples of those who can benefit from creating a blog or email newsletter for their business:

Law firms. Provide weekly updates detailing developments in your area of expertise. If you are an intellectual property lawyer, talk about news articles or legislation that affects intellectual property law. Consider who is going to be interested in this issue and the possibility they may need your services down the line.

Record stores. Sure, you want to sell records, but which records? You get 200 promo CDs from labels each month, dole them out to workers, and have them write reviews. Compile the reviews into a weekly email newsletter or publish them on a blog and promote it in your store’s advertisements. I was  once an assistant manager at a Tower Records and we experimented with a print newsletter where clerks reviewed new merchandise. It gave the customers something to read while they walked around and  the staff soon noticed something interesting: Sales for products reviewed in the magazine increased an average of 12 percent the week they were featured.

Technology: Does your company create applications for handheld devices? Why not launch a daily blog covering news from the handheld world. Each morning one staffer could do a little research and find interesting articles, comment on them, and link to them. Wrap each article review in the context of how your company’s product works on certain handheld devices.

These are just a few examples of how value-added content can be used as a public relations and promotional tool. A email newsletter or a blog is perfect for boosting brand recognition. If you do it well, you have the opportunity to create a destination web site or must-read email newsletter.

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