Press Release of Tomorrow

It should be evident by now that the press release isn’t going anywhere. For a while there with the advent of new media and widespread use of the Internet some were saying the press release was on its way out. However, it’s since proven to still be a vital way to get the message of your company out to the world.

However, like everything in public relations, the press release will go through some changes in the future. It’s already changed within the past few years to take advantage of the interactivity of the web. What will the future hold for the hardy little one-page documents we’ve come to know and love?

World Savvy

The press release of tomorrow will be at even more of an advantage as more traditional media goes by the wayside. Newspapers, radio stations, and even TV stations will be a less popular venue for new businesses and innovators as the world continues to look more towards the Internet for information.

As a result, look for press releases to become more world savvy. When you submit your release to a nearby newspaper you know that 99% of the readers will be from that area. The same goes for a radio station or even a TV station – local news in New York, while a big audience, is still a “local” one.

On the web, that all goes out the window. When you submit a release to an online publication there’s a possibility that anyone in the world could read it at any time. In fact, it’s safer to assume that people from all over will check it out at some point. If not, you run the risk of alienating a large portion of your potential audience right away.


Another trend I fully expect to take hold is making press releases very succinct. Why? Because the more they exist online the more interactive they become. As a result, there’s no reason to talk a lot when you can just show your audience what you mean!

When writing a traditional press release for a newspaper, you can’t exactly include links or video as the medium doesn’t support either. However, on the web all that’s changed. So instead of describing a delicate process of making your famous cheese curds you can just link to a website where you show it.

This cuts down on the number of words per press release by quite a bit. Of course it remains to be seen if the writers will be secure enough to keep the word count down that much. In the long run, though, look to see press releases that can easily fit on blurbs around the Internet for better exposure.

Do you think press releases have what it takes to stand the test of time and technology?

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