How PR for Tech Companies Has Evolved

Not every industry has taken to PR and social media as quickly as others. While small businesses, financial institutions, retailers and others have embraced what they need to do to be famous, others have been slow to the roll. 

masterfitness-bodybuilding-evolutionStrangely, one of the industries I’ve noticed is the tech industry. It seems natural that they would be all about some social media or other computer/mobile based PR work, but it’s not always the case. They seem to understand what they’re doing and entirely focused on that and don’t particularly care to talk about other people.

However, that’s definitely a generalization, and many have realized they need to have a presence to get their technology out there. In a way, the tech industry has had its own unique development in public relations.

The “Genius” 

It’s hard to think of an industry more prone to picking out one person and making them the brand ambassador. Whether it’s Bill Gates with Microsoft or Steve Jobs with Apple, tech industries seem to get that customers will rally around one person, thing, or idea and snatch up everything you’re selling.

Apple is obviously the leader in this as Steve Jobs almost came off as Apple fans’ best friend. He had his turtleneck sweaters and his glasses and exuded confidence in Apple products. Every time he was on stage it was an event and Apple ran with it. To fans, he was the company’s “genius.”

Did Steve make every single one of their products? No. Was he the only one on the development board? No. But he represented the company and everyone saw him as the savior of the company, the genius.

Less About Technology, More About Personality 

You would think tech companies would focus on the technical aspects of their products, and for the most part that is true. However, that’s not the whole story, and those aspects are what the bloggers and news aggregators talk about all day. If that’s all they focused on, they wouldn’t reach the average person, only tech-heads.

So over time public relations for tech companies has evolved into a more personal world. Apple is yet again another good representation of this. Go into any Apple store and see what happens when you go to buy something. It’s a totally different experience than any other store. Someone will come out of the blue to help you with everything and give you what you want…then they check you out right there. No waiting in lines or going to a specific person.

This is all well-designed by Apple to represent their company as a wonderful customer experience. This bleeds over to their online presence as well, as they will quickly answer questions and even give you new products if yours breaks. They could have easily built up a stiff, soulless experience, but instead went with the “Steve Jobs” image.

It’s hard to argue if it worked. However, not every tech company can use the same idea. What it proves, though, is that there are other avenues rather than attacking the customers with raw data and numbers.

What’s your favorite tech company PR tactic?

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