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Facebook is useful for any PR campaign, but have you linked up with any of the public relations pages yet? There’s a growing community on Facebook as social media gains more notice, so use them to your advantage. Check out these five pages/groups that you should “like” immediately.

1. PR on Facebook

This is the official page for Public Relations on Facebook. Started about a month ago, the site had a few hundred followers by the weekend, and now enjoys over 10,000 followers! There are other pages out there with more people on them, but this one shows the most promise of blowing up. Join immediately to receive daily links, blog posts, advice, discussions and much more.

2. PRSA Group

The PRSA is the nation’s largest collection of public relations, communications, and social media professionals. It’s also a great place to go if you’re ever worried about any ethical questions surrounding your public relations job or campaign.

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The Facebook page doesn’t quite boast as many people as the PRSA has members, but the people that are on the page more than make it up with experience and helpfulness.

3. Social Media for Small Business

It may seem like an ad for Dell, but it doubles as a terrific place to get all your social media news and updates! If you need any help with your social media campaign, then this is the place to come. There are posts, a discussion forum, videos, the works.

On top of that, the fan page boats over 42,000 members, so expect a lot of great discussion between members from all walks of life!

4. Official Facebook Public Relations Group

Despite the name, this is the unofficial Facebook group now that Facebook decided to open the one above. However, this group boasts more members, and has more of a tradition and history, so the people involved might have more to say and, more importantly, be more apt to have a community already set up. There’s also a discussion group and a photo album, though currently it appears to be full of pictures of purses. Strange.

5. Cause + Effect Public Relations

Most people will agree that nobody has to be on top of their PR game quite like the gay and lesbian community, so following these guys on Facebook can only add to your understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. On top of the blog and link posts, they’ve also set up a separate section to book a gay or lesbian artist, something that shows just how forward thinking they are on their Facebook page.

Now I must admit a slight bias towards my own page eReleases Press Release Distribution. Share your favorite PR page/group below.

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