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It’s no secret that PR tactics have evolved to keep up with the ever-changing technology. Your business should leverage the best PR tactics to build a stronger bond with your customers. You wouldn’t want your business to have negative press, which can push consumers and potential employees away.

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PR campaigns can boost your reputation, raise brand awareness and boost customer loyalty. You can count on them when connecting with your target audience. Use them to create a media narrative for your brand and control information spread.

Running an impactful PR campaign can open doors for your business. The key to successful PR is being newsworthy and creative. Consider these seven tips for your brand to have a long-lasting influence on customers:

Decide What You’d Like to Accomplish

Determine the desired outcomes of your PR campaign before you create one. Depending on the state of your brand, you may want to improve valuation or recognition.

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Once you map out a goal for the campaign, you can choose a strategy to use. Consider the SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based) as your template.

Under the SMART method, determine the desired outcome, metrics for measuring success, and the achievability of the campaign. You also need to set a realistic, time-based goal.

Research Your Audience

Choose a customer persona for the campaign for it to be impactful. For example, if your audience comprises college students, use a persona that speaks directly to them. You should also demonstrate why your brand cares for their needs.

Figure out your ideal customer, their likes, and buying preferences. You should also learn about the platforms they use to find your products or services. Once you have a picture of your audience, it’s easier to target your PR message to them.

Segment your audience based on behavior, demographics, and location. You can also send them surveys or make discovery calls to learn more about the content they want and value.

Collect Market Data

Collect industry research during the initial stages of your campaign. Use the data to determine how your brand story corresponds with market trends. You may also use it to identify story aspects that you can embrace and deal with any negative feedback.

Focus your research on competitors’ campaigns, websites, and LinkedIn pages. You can also activate Google alerts on mentions about your competitors.

Involve your sales and marketing teams when gathering this data for it to be useful. The team members can offer insights and vet the findings.

You can use the market research data to improve your company’s communication. The data may also inspire you to develop a creative campaign that paints your company in the best light.

Find Creative Angles

A good PR campaign should feature creative content that instantly captures the media’s attention. You need a unique selling point that will make journalists engage your brand. Many media outlets expect a PR feature that goes beyond making an announcement.

Your brand will come out as static and boring if you use the same tactics as other brands. You need to convey a story or an idea clearly and avoid mixing concepts. Be playful with your words without sounding too casual, and avoid using heavy jargon.

Be original as you try to keep the audience captivated and engaged. You should also experiment with different ideas and hold a brainstorming session in your marketing department.

Draft an Eye-catching Press Release

Use press releases to spread awareness for a product launch or an important business milestone. They can also come in handy when announcing a particular event or sharing any news that’s relevant to your audience.

The success of your PR campaign largely depends on your press release writing talents. Write your press release with a strong news angle to make it more eye-catching. Avoid using promotional language for the press release campaign to sound less like a marketing gimmick.

Your press release should feature a captivating story with relevant quotes from industry leaders. Include bits of information that will grab a journalist’s attention. Press releases can help you spread the word about your business when well written.

A captivating press release can feature on websites, news publications, and magazines. When your target customers get to see this draft, they’ll have more confidence in your company.

Choose the Right Platform and Distribute Wisely

You may use media outlets like radio or TV for your campaign. Eye major media outlets to reach more people with your brand story.

If you run a small business, local media can help you reach your target audience. National press would be ideal once your brand has gained enough recognition. Whichever outlet you use, your campaign can gain traction and reach more people.

Choose media outlets that are relevant to your niche for better outcomes. You should thus visit their websites and check whether they have endorsed businesses like yours in the past. Note that media outlets can only pick up your brand story relevant to their viewers/listeners.

Have a Follow-up Plan

A follow-up plan will help you determine whether your story has been covered by the media outlet you chose. When making follow-ups, explain to journalists why you believe the campaign is newsworthy. You should also give them reasons why it will capture attention in the days to come.

Your pitch has to stand out since journalists get many of them. You should also follow up via email 3 to four days after distributing the campaign. Add a link to research or a customer review that shows its continued value.

Measure the campaign results with a press release service to determine its impact. You should also come up with a report that highlights the campaign’s key performance indicators and objectives. Identify areas that need improvement and note those that made the campaign stand out.

Let’s Help You Create Impactful PR Campaigns

The key to running successful PR campaigns is considering every possibility that will set your brand apart. Use compelling data to make a strong case for your brand story and back it up with accurate evidence. You should also think out of the box and experiment with different ideas, as discussed in this guide.

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