Pluses and Minuses of Using Reddit for Your Business

There’s a lot more to social media than posting on Facebook occasionally. Internet users are all over the place and you often have to go chase them down on websites they frequent.

success-failureOne website that gets a ton of traffic (more and more each day) is Reddit. If you’ve never been on there it’s an aggregate site for users to post whatever funny/weird/mildly interesting thing they find. In fact, there’s even a sub-Reddit (like an individual forum) called “mildly interesting.”

Recently President Obama himself showed up on Reddit to talk briefly about his campaign. He posted under the sub-Reddit IAMA (short for “I am a…”) and drew record numbers and even briefly crashed the site.

In short, taking your business to Reddit can rapidly change things. However, if you’re not careful, it can change things for the worse!


Obviously one big reason you would take your social media efforts onto Reddit is to gain exposure to a wide variety of people. However, this is a double-edged sword. With such a random assortment of folks on the site it’s always kind of a crapshoot what you get.

One of the good things about Reddit is there are sub-Reddits for literally every single thing out there. Love the My Little Pony trend? You can instantly hang out with tons of people who are on the same bandwagon. Big on a particular sport? Everything from soccer to badminton is covered with people ready to talk about it.

But here’s the catch: as soon as it’s popular on a sub-Reddit a post runs the risk of heading to the main page where everyone can see it. Then you’re really in the public eye, which you may not actually be ready for! This recognition can be good for sales but get ready to have your entire business picked apart piece by piece. You may leave Reddit questioning your entire existence.

No Salesmanship

 While you’re able to get away with “selling” more on Facebook and Twitter and the like, on a site like Reddit you can’t really do that. If the audience feels like you’re just there to sell them something they will revolt. This can lead to getting ignored or even becoming the target of a sudden Internet raid! But more than likely you’ll just be ignored.

So you have to be clever. I frequent the site and I have seen some people make successful posts that were, in effect, a sale, but managed to be fun and witty (the social currency on Reddit) at the same time. But even in the comments people were complaining how it was effectively a sales pitch, so the poster was walking a thin line.

Instead of worrying about all that, interact with a core group of people you think would be most interested in your product. Treat it as a glorified forum and discuss the ins, outs, issues and news of your industry with them. You can out yourself as an “expert” in the field which can let you link back to your company’s website once in a while. Once you have more respect on Reddit as a poster it will be even easier to send people where you want – company Facebook, shop pages, etc.

Do you frequently go on sites like Reddit?

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