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Public Relations Basics: 14 Tips for Your Next Media Interview

December 22 2008

1. Know what you want to say. It seems obvious, but first timers and public relations pros alike should never sit down for a media interview without planning out their key messages ahead of time. Writing your key messages down will allow you to refine and memorize them before your interviewer asks the first question. Read More

Four Tips for Improving a Boring Press Release

December 19 2008

When writing a press release, especially one that contains numbers or statistics, even seasoned public relations consultants can find their message failing to grab the media’s attention. Here are a four tips for perking up that dry, boring press release. Read More

Public Relations and Effective Speechwriting

December 18 2008

Speeches are concrete pieces of writing, crafted by design with attention to detail. They are often a key component in a public relations arsenal. Few orations are perfect; effective speechwriting is a reasonable goal. Where beneficial, we’ll assume that you, the speechwriter, are the speaker as well. Read More

In Public Relations, It’s a Fine Line Between Gift and Bribe

December 17 2008

There is nothing wrong with giving gifts–unless you work in public relations and your recipient is a journalist. There is a very fine line between a token of appreciation and a bribe. It is a line that once crossed can cause problems not easily rectified, problems that go beyond a public relations snafu. So when I received the following email, I had to do some serious thinking. Read More

Public Relations Research Tools on the Web

December 17 2008

Research obviously plays an important role when it comes to public relations. Yet it’s surprising how many folks who work in the PR industry seem unfamiliar with the most effective web-based research tools. The following is a list of a few general research tools, some better known than others, that are your best bet if you’re looking for information about a person, company, business sector, product, or competitor. Think of them as the basic online research tools in your public relations toolkit. Read More

Public Relations and Blogs: Controlling the Message

December 15 2008

An era when data can be sent and received outside of traditional media outlets–via blogs, email, instant messaging, text messaging, camera phones, etc.–has created an atmosphere where truth is the prize. Those in the public relations industry must delicately balance the public’s right to know and a client’s right to direct its own message. And yes, there are ways to walk this internet-era tightrope successfully. Read More

Crisis Management Can Help Avoid PR Nightmares

December 15 2008

When the phone rang at midnight, I knew something was wrong. The caller was a spokesperson for a large, public technology company based in Silicon Valley: “We’re filing for bankruptcy in the morning. I wanted to let you know. We’re announcing it at 7:00 AM EST. Get the word out.” I quickly wrote up a story for my web site and tipped off Reuters and the Associated Press that the announcement was coming. By the time the company announced its bankruptcy, the news was already on the wire, and something bigger was going down in the sector. A public relations nightmare had been averted, but how? Read More

Using Plain Language in Public Relations

December 12 2008

Using plain language to communicate with journalists is not considered bland but effective. Whether your public relations campaign targets community or business publications, it is unlikely that reporters reviewing your press kit will be familiar with specific industry jargon. Providing them with information in plain language is the surest way to get your point across, significantly improving your chances for media coverage. Read More

Story Proposals: Customizing A Press Release For Reporters

December 11 2008

Who says a press release is the only way to court the media? Story proposals can sometimes be more effective when approaching your personal “A list” of journalists, presenting customized pitches that match their sensibilities and the news beat they cover. Read More

Building PR Goodwill Through Community Equity

December 11 2008

Facing a potentially damaging newspaper investigation, a Fortune 500 company fully expected to be forced to relocate one of its primary facilities. The story turned out to be just as bad as everybody had feared. But the outcome did not. The community rallied in support of the company, vilifying the newspaper in letters to the editor, public meetings, and canceled subscriptions. The facility is still in its original location today. So how did this company survive a public relations crisis that threatened to turn into something far more serious? Read More