Open Your Social Media Door to Possibilities

I’m often amazed at how quickly humans adapt to new technology or new ways of life. One minute we’re in awe trying to figure out how to work the new amazing iPhone, then the next we’re complaining that our new Android doesn’t instantly download the Angry Birds sequel.

But we’ve always been like that. It’s one of the reasons humans have been so successful spreading across the planet. We go to a place, colonize it, and immediately start complaining how hot/cold/perfect it is. Then we move on to the next place because we’re non-complacent.

Contrast this adaptation, then, to what happens when we find something that works with our business. We immediately latch onto this one tactic and ignore everything else that comes in. It’s almost like being superstitious in sports – if it works once, it works forever, no matter what the evidence shows.

We can speculate on the reasoning behind this phenomenon all day. But for the purpose of this PR blog, let’s explore what you can do to prevent this from happening to your company.

Opening Your Doors

 Most of you out there are pretty good at trying out all the options there are right now. However, that’s rarely the problem – after all, we all want to see how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the others work with our business.

But think back when Google Plus came out. One of the most common complaints was that it was just “too much to deal with” or it was “more of the same.” In reality, Google Plus is its own unique social media platform with potential for PR greatness. The reaction was more of a “we don’t like new things” reaction more than hating the actual platform. It was just too much, too soon.

Consider what this says about the future, though. If you cut yourself off from any future developments then you restrict your social media possibilities. In five years when everyone jumps on The Weather Channel’s awesome MyWeather social media platform (note: this is made up, but what a great idea, right?), you don’t want to be left in the dust.

What’s important to remember is you don’t necessarily have to be super pumped about every new invention. When Google Plus came out I admittedly wasn’t super thrilled. However, I checked it out anyway as my natural curiosity took over. I signed up to be one of the early adopters because I wanted to see what the big deal was.

And that’s all you can really do – just don’t cut yourself off from future possibilities. While a lot of new social media platforms don’t really change the game, they’re still worth checking out if you want to ride the wave instead of trying to play catch up.

How quickly do you adopt to new technology?

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