A Collection of Must-Have Online Reputation Management Tools

Everything you do – from the customer service you provide to the press releases you send out – is done to help build a positive reputation so you can attract more business. Unfortunately, all it takes is a Tweet or a blog post from an upset customer to damage your reputation.

That’s why online reputation management is so important. It’s something you should be doing on a daily basis. Thankfully, these 10 tools make the job much easier.

    1. Google Blog Search – New blogs are being posted every second of every day, and any of these posts could contain information damaging to your brand. Google Blog Search lets you search the blogosphere for any keywords you can think of (e.g. your company name, your name, the name of your products, mentions of your competition, etc.).  

    2. Google Alerts – Google Alerts sends you updates of the search results for the keywords of your choice. You can use this to track mentions of your company and to keep tabs of the competition. It’s one of the best free reputation management tools you’ll find.

    3. Yahoo Alerts – Yahoo Alerts serves the same purpose as Google Alerts only it’s for the Yahoo search engine of course.

    4. Monitor This – This tool allows you to subscribe to 20 search feeds at a time for any single keyword. It’s powerful, and it keeps you updated with all things relevant to your reputation.

    5. Website Watcher – With Website Watcher, you’ll get alerted any time a website you’re tracking is updated. It’s an easy way to know what your competition is up to the second they make a move.

    6. Watch That Page – Watch That Page updates you daily via email of changes to any page on the internet that you wish to track. This saves you time as you no longer have to scour the internet to track your reputation.

    7. Board Tracker – Is your company being mentioned on message boards and forums? Board Tracker is a forum search and tracker that keeps you updated on the most relevant discussions.

    8. Trackur – This comprehensive reputation tracking tool helps you stay on top of all brand mentions throughout the internet. You should know, however, that Trackur is not free, but it does offer a free trial.

    9.Ā  Who Links to Me – Want to know who’s linking to you and what they’re saying? This tool goes beyond basic search, helping you to break down your influence across the web.

    10. Tweet Beep – This Twitter alerts tool updates you hourly on anything from Tweets about your company to Tweet containing links to your website or blog. A great tool for staying in the conversation.

Do you track your reputation online? Which tools do you prefer? Share your tips in the replies.

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