How to Keep Your Audience Returning to Your Website

Have you ever surfed your way to a beautiful, interesting and informative website? You spent a few minutes on it, thought about how clever it was, and then some other shiny internet link caught your attention. Soon, the original fascinating site was lost in a morass of internet tabs and eventually closed. Weeks later, perhaps, you tried to remember the name of the site, but gave up. Or, worse, maybe you never even thought about the site again at all.

For you, the web surfer, “losing” that website in cyberspace was no big loss. But now imagine you’re the web site owner and browsers are surfing away from your page left and right. How do you keep them coming back for more?

1.     Compelling Content – People remember websites that entertain, inform or engage them. The popular cat picture site I Can Haz Cheezburger does not feature the most sophisticated cutting edge updates in web design, but it certainly keeps people laughing (and clicking.) The longer people stay on your site, the more likely they are to remember it in the future.

2.     Be Easy – Easy to navigate, that is. Everybody has visited a poorly-designed, frustrating-to-use website. Think about it – how long do you stay on a site like that? Exactly. Visit your website from a visitor’s point of view and make sure it’s easy to use and inviting.

3.     Frequent Updates – There’s a reason why blogs have become so popular on the internet. They’re constantly updated with new information. Consider adding a blog to your site. Then encourage readers to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed or email subscription list by placing a prominent button somewhere on the site. Visitors will engage with your site, and be reminded of you the next time on of your posts pops up in their feed reader or email inbox.

4.     Ask them to Subscribe – You don’t need a blog to have subscribers. Maybe you have an ecommerce site, or your website supports a cause. Encourage people to sign up for email update about your latest news. Better yet, give them a compelling reason to sign up – offer a discount code, a freebie, or information like an eBook or whitepaper upon signup. Again, they next time something from you arrives in their email inbox, they will be reminded of your website.

You created your website because you have something to say. Follow this advice, and people will be likely to listen … and come back for more.

This article is written by Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases (, the online leader in affordable press release distribution. Download a free copy of the PR Checklist – a 24 point list of Press Release Dos and Don’ts here:

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