It’s Important to Know Why Your Customers Love You

It’s kind of a strange question when you get down to it – “why do my customers love me so much?” It’s more than just looking a gift horse in the mouth; it can come off as self-deprecating or a little needy. But the reality behind it is you do need to know why your customers love you to help you grow your business.

It’s one thing to be appreciative of your sales, but capitalizing on that success is entirely different matter. Talking to your fans to find out what they think and would like to see with your business can separate you from your competitors. You could even say this is the basis of PR.

Heart treeWhy it Matters 

There are a few key elements that make your fans’ opinions so important to your business, all of which can mean big things for your company. If you’re not asking these questions you’re risking only getting half the picture when it comes to your business.

One thing this information can tell you is what aspect of your business you should focus on. What you think works about your company is practically irrelevant – the only thing that matters is what your customers like and want. If the two worlds aren’t in agreement you may have some problems.

For example, if you think your strength is great customer service but the public loves you for your amazing products, focusing on great customer service may not lead to more sales. It won’t hurt, sure; but it’s not what your customers are looking for. Perhaps you should spend more time on your products.

Another reason to find out why your customers love you is to grow the relationship between you and the public. The more you know about your customers the better you can serve them. If you realize your customers love you because of your products, for instance, you can have more meaningful conversations about what you make and the industry as a whole. This leads to deeper relationships, which can mean long-term fans as opposed to one-time customers.

How to Find Out 

How do you find out what your customers like about you? Honestly, the best thing to do is ask! Whether you do so through Facebook, in person, in an email, or a focus group, just directly inquire how they discovered your business and why they stuck around.

People love to talk about themselves and you’re giving them a chance to do so. Simply by opening the channels of communication you’re inviting them in to participate with your business, which can make them feel special. This can also lead to long-time relationships with customers, as they will come to feel involved with your company and it’s success.

If you think they need some incentive to answer you, hold a contest so your customers receive something in return for filling out a poll or questionnaire. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can give out coupons or discounts for everyone who participates. As much as people like to talk about themselves, they love to get stuff even more!

Why do you think your customers love your business? Have you ever asked them?

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