How to Get Your Sales Team, Marketing Team & PR Team on the Same Page

Hey, it happens: one minute your business is running as smooth as a baby’s bottom, the next everything went to the dogs. Shaking your head, you look back and know you saw the warning signs, you just chose to ignore them and hoped everything would turn out ok. And when you do that, it rarely does.

What went wrong is teams across the company were on different pages of the same book. In all of the excitement of a new product or ad campaign, someone forgot to maintain cohesion across the board. Suddenly, it went beyond miscommunication and into chaos.

How can you prevent this? Easily, with a few tips.


Yeah, nobody likes meetings, I know. All you have to do is mention the word and everyone in the room rolls their eyes so hard you can practically hear it.

But that just means you have to make it interesting. Make sure absolutely everyone is involved in the discussion and nobody leaves confused. After all, this is all about communication and checking to see if everyone is on the same path. So you might as well make the effort to keep everyone’s interest level up.

If not, you might find people say they’re on the same page but they’re really not. Then you’re stuck at the same point you were before – a bunch of miscommunication and upset customers.

I’m not saying you need to lock your employees into the room until they recite the campaign handbook. Just make sure people (especially team leaders) all know what’s to be done. They should know it backwards and forwards. That way, if anyone on their team (or even another team) makes a goof, they can help correct it.

Staying Updated

Honestly, after the meeting is where the true focus of your cohesion efforts should lie. While the get-together can be informative and helpful, you’re still out of luck if everyone forgets all the information. Again you’ll be back where you started.

That’s why it’s very important for your various teams to continue communication. This can be accomplished through software, like any number of project management or “group collaboration” programs. Even using Google Documents to track progress throughout the campaign can keep things from spiraling out of control.

Be as detailed or as simple as you want – just make sure you stress how important it is everyone keeps their notes up to date. If need be, have your employees perform a checklist at the end of the day so they might catch notes they missed.

The key to getting your sales, marketing, and PR teams on the same page during a campaign is communication. If nobody talks to each other, the chance for error increases. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks!

How can you make your cohesion meetings more informative and interesting for employees?

Bonus: Here are just a few collaboration programs that might get your team on track:

Basecamp – This 37Signals product is the grandfather of all project management software. There’s a reason why it’s still a classic.

CapsuleCRM – This tool is CRM (customer relationship management) heavy, so perfect for conducting PR campaigns.

Grafire – Grafire was designed with freelancers in mind, so if your team is made up of contractors, you may be doing yourself (and them) a favor by introducing this free tool.

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