You Can’t Make a Video Go Viral, but You Can Help it Along

You’ve just created what is quite possibly the funniest video in the world. It will make Numa Numa guy and Star Wars kid look like watching paint grow and grass dry. You’re ready to bless the Internet with what you’ve filmed, confident it will bring millions of new customers streaming to your business.

You upload it to your YouTube account and send out to your friend and family on Facebook and Twitter. You even email it to your aunts and uncles, despite the humor in the video being a bit racy, as you’re so pumped about how big this thing will be.

Months go by and nothing happens. It’s got a couple hundred views, sure, but most of those are from your family and even yourself watching it over and over. What happened? Well, you assumed something you just shouldn’t: that the content would speak for itself and it would go viral just because it’s awesome.

The fact is, nobody knows what will go viral. It’s almost totally random. However, there are some things you can do to make sure it gets noticed in at least some capacity.

Spruce It Up

I know you and your best friend think your video is the best thing since soy bread, but are you entirely certain it’s the best it can be? If you made it to promote your company, it might not be the best indicator of what you’re selling. Perhaps you should spend a little more time talking about your product.

Is it overloaded? You might think that more is better, but if you’re sending out a lot of information and people are getting confused, you might consider splitting the one video up into several. You can even turn it into a series. Technically, the more videos you have, the higher the possibility one will achieve that coveted viral status.

Take an honest look at what you’ve created before you even consider sending it out. Sure, it might be funny and interesting, but is it well lit? How is the sound? Is the editing choppy? So many different things can turn viewers off, and then they’ll turn YOU off. Don’t let that happen!

Getting it Out There

Now that your video is perfect, you may just be wondering how to get it out there. Simply posting it to YouTube and crossing your fingers won’t work; you need to get it to your customers or potential customers.

Obviously the first step is to post it on your website. If your customers already come there to seek out your goods, they should be the first audience. Also, if you’ve already established a Facebook account for your company, embed it on a dedicated page for all to see. Find fan pages that might relate to what you talk about on your video and post it on there – it might drum up business if they find it interesting and relevant enough.

Now take the video on the road, or at least the virtual one. Find websites that might be interested in your post. Don’t just stick to, say, ecommerce sites if you’re an online seller; venture out to the super niche sites that break what you’re selling down to its core. If people who feel strongly about the subject matter get a hold of it, you’ve just acquired many advocates who will do most of your work for you.

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