Growing Your PR Campaign is Like Growing a Garden

A public relations campaign is only as good as its growth. If the campaign is moving up and becoming more successful, no matter how slowly, it’s not a great campaign. You have to do what you can to get more and more eyeballs on your company or change what you’re doing. 

Careful farmerIt’s just like making a garden thrive. If what you’re doing isn’t working and your plants are dying, would you continue down the same path? No, because it’s obvious you won’t be getting any delicious peppers or tomatoes if you do, just a sad plot of soil.

Here are some tips that work for both worlds!


Overwatering is a huge problem for most beginner gardeners. You think that adding as much water as you can is fine since plants typically get rained on anyway. I mean, it’s not like they can drown, right?

Actually, they can – too much water can severely harm a plant. Overwatering can cause rot in several places and ultimately kill your whole garden. The same goes for your PR campaign. If you’re in customers’ faces way too much it can cause a backlash. They’ll get tired of you yelling at them all the time and turn away, even if they love your company otherwise.

Finding a good balance is key. You want to get solid content out but at a rate your customers want. Play around with it, but be careful of both oversaturation as well as lack of content.

Multiple Plants 

Another problem many gardeners run into is focusing on one plant. While it’s great for a beginner gardener, eventually you have to move onto bigger and better things. And this means bringing other plants into the fold.

Why? Because different plants bring different strengths to the garden. For example, potatoes are good for root structure while spinach helps shade cool weather plants from getting overheated. Different plants work well with each other to raise the whole garden to a new level.

A well-rounded PR campaign is more likely to survive. Going with just a Facebook page is fine in the very beginning, but eventually you need to branch out. Everything complements each other and cross-promotion will bring in much more business.

Pick the Right Time 

Excited about potatoes? We all are. It’s a great beginner plant and yields a ton of product. Plus, the potato is a ridiculously versatile food. But as of this writing it’s the middle of summer. What would happen if you ran out and planted some potatoes now?

They’d die, unfortunately. That’s because potatoes are planted right at the end of the cold season, during the last frost. Any time after that and you’ll be lucky to get one potato out of your entire crop.

Timing is key in your PR campaign as well. If you’re releasing a new product in October, you wouldn’t want to send out a press release in March. People will forget all about the product in the time between. Similarly, social media posts rely heavily on timing to take advantage of usage.

Research and common sense go a long way in this area, but there’s also a lot of trial and error involved. Just like gardening!

What other hobbies are comparable to growing a PR campaign?

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