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Press Release Distribution

Distributing press releases isn’t just a helpful marketing tool just for big-name celebrities or huge corporations. The truth is that most business owners could benefit from sending a release at the right time.

When a press release is used the right way, you can spread the word about new products and services, improve SEO, and even get a little local coverage. The trick to making it all happen is having the right PR distribution plan.distributing press releases

If you’re new to the world of press releases, we will teach you a bit about how distribution works and why a press release service can be just what you need.

What to Know About Distributing Press Releases

Writing about your newsworthy event is important, but it isn’t enough to get you noticed. For your press release to get seen by the right people, it has to be sent out in a certain way. This is where press release distribution can help.

Press release distribution is the process you use to get your release in front of the right people. The right people are usually journalists at national and local publications. However, niche bloggers, influencers, and other media personalities can be included in this as well.

Self-Distribution vs. Distribution Service

Pulling Hair

There are two main ways to distribute press releases: on your own or through a distribution service.

How to Distribute a Press Release on Your Own

Some people choose to handle distributing press releases on their own. They may choose to reach out to a list of individual reporters they have collected via email and send their press releases as an attachment. Although some people prefer this, it can have its drawbacks.

  • Sending out press releases via individual emails is boring, yet detailed work, leaving you vulnerable to mistakes (and the last person you want to catch you in a mistake is someone who “buys ink by the barrel”.).
  • Sending press releases out yourself takes a ton of time – a quality press release distribution service can pay for itself in time savings alone.
  • Journalists constantly change companies and the “beats” they cover, so PR distribution lists constantly need to be updated, costing you more time and money.
  • Journalists may also not appreciate being part of a mass email chain and usually ignore any large sends.
  • This method also only “works” if you have an extensive personal network of journalists and other people in the media you have carefully cultivated over time, and even then only gets your press release covered by the small group of people you send your release to directly.

Using a Press Release Distribution Service

A quality press release distribution service specializes in sending out press releases to a wide array of targeted media outlets, journalists, and industry-specific audiences, aiming to achieve maximum visibility and coverage for the news or announcement it contains.

These services often provide targeting options to reach specific demographics, industries, or geographical areas and handles the entire process from start to finish.

If you work with a quality firm, like they have their own private network of journalists and other distribution channels who they have built relationships with, and who are looking forward to receiving your press release. All you need to do to get their help is have your release ready, and they’ll handle the rest.

Benefits of Press Release Distribution Services

Everyone has their preferred distribution methods. Despite this, there are benefits of press release services that can’t be ignored.

Regardless of whether you’re new to PR or have been working in the industry for years, having a reliable distribution service ready to send out releases on your behalf is necessary in today’s world. Here are just a few reasons why a distribution service is an essential part of any press release plan.

  1. Better Reach Your Target Audience

    When some businesses send out press releases, they prefer to send them to as many people as possible to increase their odds of getting coverage. While this may seem like a good idea in theory, it could hurt their chances.

    Sending a press release to disinterested people wastes their time and yours. If you keep it up, you could find your emails bouncing back from media sources who have opted to block receiving emails from you altogether.

    Quality press release distribution services have curated lists that target people in specific fields and niches. For example, eReleases has a carefully curated and updated list of over 1.7 million journalists, editors, bloggers, and influencers categorized by interest. They’ll send your release to the relevant and interested parties from that list, which significantly increases your chances of getting picked up.

  2. Get Wider Coverage

    Let’s say you are relatively well connected to journalists in your area or your field. You may have been working in your chosen industry for years and know people, but there’s no way one person can have more connections than a distribution service.

    You, your boss, or a friend may know a few dozen people that could get your release published. A quality distribution service knows thousands, or possibly even millions, of places to send your release. You may know some journalists personally, but distribution services have professional connections on their side.

  3. Get Extra Help to Create a Better Release

    Do you know the proper way to format a release? Are you confident that your title and first paragraph are enough to hook your reader and convince them that your story is newsworthy? Does your lack of PR experience make you worry about the quality of your releases?

    You may not know how to format and write a great release, but a quality distribution service will. eReleases, for example offers more than just distribution. Every press release eReleases distributes goes through the eyes of a professional editor who improves press releases for a living. They may make recommendations to improve your headline, hook, or make other improvements to your release. That extra help could be just what you need to get your releases noticed!

    When considering a distribution service, see if they offer writing or editing services (eReleases does). This can save you a lot of time and improve your chances of getting picked up.

  4. Improve Your Image

    Getting a random release in their inbox from someone they aren’t familiar with isn’t that appealing to journalists and other people that could pick up your release. If you’re lucky enough to have them open your email, they likely won’t be following up.

    A release from a quality press release distribution service and a release from an individual can have very different results even though the content is exactly the same. Quality distribution services are easily recognized by journalists, making your release seem more credible – journalists know and trust eReleases. They recognize that every release they receive from them has gone through a professional editor, so they are more likely to open and consider an eReleases press release than one from a lower quality distribution network, and certainly from an individual they don’t personally know.

But Watch Out for Low-Quality Distribution Services

When it comes to distributing press releases, the quality of the service you choose can significantly impact the reach and effectiveness of your message. Here are some key points to watch out for to avoid low-quality press release distribution services:

No Distribution to Real Media: Unfortunately virtually all the “free” and low-cost press release distribution services don’t actually send your press releases to actual journalists. Instead, they automatically post them to a set of company-owned and low-quality websites, where they will never be seen by an actual journalist. Though those sites show you a report showing your release showing up on dozens of sites, those sites do virtually nothing to get attention or visibility for your release.

Limited Distribution: Many low-quality distribution services make it sound like you’ll be receiving national distribution, but don’t actually provide it. For example, you should be aware that eReleases is by contract the only company that can provide nationwide PR Newswire (the leading press release distribution wire service) distribution, other than PR Newswire themselves. Others lower-quality distribution services may claim they offer PR Newswire services, but because of the PR Newswire’s contract with eReleases, those companies can only distribute releases to a small part of the country, making eReleases the preferred distribution service for small business press releases.

Lack of Targeting Options: High-quality services allow you to target your press release to specific industries, geographic regions, or demographics. Low-quality services may not offer this level of customization, which can lead to your press release reaching the wrong audience or not being seen by your intended market.

No Follow-Up or Reporting: After distributing a press release, it’s important to have access to analytics and reporting tools to measure its performance. Low-quality services may not provide these tools, leaving you in the dark about the effectiveness of your press release.

Hidden Fees: Be wary of services that offer a low upfront cost but then charge extra for essential features like distribution to premium outlets and detailed analytics. These hidden fees can quickly add up, making the service more expensive than initially advertised.

Poor Customer Support: A reliable press release distribution service should offer strong customer support, including help with press release writing, formatting, and distribution strategies. Low-quality services may lack responsive or helpful customer support, making it difficult to effectively distribute your press release.

Spammy Practices: Some distribution services may use spammy tactics to distribute press releases, such as sending unsolicited emails or posting to low-quality websites. This can harm your brand’s reputation and potentially lead to penalties from search engines.

Quality of Publishing Sites: Investigate the quality of the websites where your press release will be published. High-quality distribution services partner with reputable news outlets and industry-specific websites, while low-quality services may use sites that are irrelevant or have a bad reputation.

To avoid these pitfalls, it’s important to do thorough research before selecting a press release distribution service. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations from industry peers, and consider testing a service with a smaller announcement before committing to a larger distribution plan. This due diligence can help ensure that your press release reaches your intended audience effectively and supports your overall marketing goals.

Start Distributing Press Releases the Right Way

You have different ways to handle distributing press releases, but going with professional distribution services can be the way to go. When you have help from professionals and added credibility, there’s no telling how far your release can go!

Regardless of your PR needs, we at eReleases are here to help with whatever you need! Reach out to us today so that we can come up with a solid PR plan for your business.

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