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7 Tricks for Creating Impactful PR Campaigns

January 24 2022

pr campaigns

It’s no secret that PR tactics have evolved to keep up with the ever-changing technology. Your business should leverage the best PR tactics to build a stronger bond with your customers. You wouldn’t want your business to have negative press, which can push consumers and potential employees away.

PR campaigns can boost your reputation, raise brand awareness and boost customer loyalty. You can count on them when connecting with your target audience. Use them to create a media narrative for your brand and control information spread.

Running an impactful PR campaign can open doors for your business. The key to successful PR is being newsworthy and creative. Consider these seven tips for your brand to have a long-lasting influence on customers:

Decide What You’d Like to Accomplish

Determine the desired outcomes of your PR campaign before you create one. Depending on the state of your brand, you may want to improve valuation or recognition.

Once you map out a goal for the campaign, you can choose a strategy to use. Consider the SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based) as your template.

Under the SMART method, determine the desired outcome, metrics for measuring success, and the achievability of the campaign. You also need to set a realistic, time-based goal.

Research Your Audience

Choose a customer persona for the campaign for it to be impactful. For example, if your audience comprises college students, use a persona that speaks directly to them. You should also demonstrate why your brand cares for their needs.

Figure out your ideal customer, their likes, and buying preferences. You should also learn about the platforms they use to find your products or services. Once you have a picture of your audience, it’s easier to target your PR message to them.

Segment your audience based on behavior, demographics, and location. You can also send them surveys or make discovery calls to learn more about the content they want and value.

Collect Market Data

Collect industry research during the initial stages of your campaign. Use the data to determine how your brand story corresponds with market trends. You may also use it to identify story aspects that you can embrace and deal with any negative feedback.

Focus your research on competitors’ campaigns, websites, and LinkedIn pages. You can also activate Google alerts on mentions about your competitors.

Involve your sales and marketing teams when gathering this data for it to be useful. The team members can offer insights and vet the findings.

You can use the market research data to improve your company’s communication. The data may also inspire you to develop a creative campaign that paints your company in the best light.

Find Creative Angles

A good PR campaign should feature creative content that instantly captures the media’s attention. You need a unique selling point that will make journalists engage your brand. Many media outlets expect a PR feature that goes beyond making an announcement.

Your brand will come out as static and boring if you use the same tactics as other brands. You need to convey a story or an idea clearly and avoid mixing concepts. Be playful with your words without sounding too casual, and avoid using heavy jargon.

Be original as you try to keep the audience captivated and engaged. You should also experiment with different ideas and hold a brainstorming session in your marketing department.

Draft an Eye-catching Press Release

Use press releases to spread awareness for a product launch or an important business milestone. They can also come in handy when announcing a particular event or sharing any news that’s relevant to your audience.

The success of your PR campaign largely depends on your press release writing talents. Write your press release with a strong news angle to make it more eye-catching. Avoid using promotional language for the press release campaign to sound less like a marketing gimmick.

Your press release should feature a captivating story with relevant quotes from industry leaders. Include bits of information that will grab a journalist’s attention. Press releases can help you spread the word about your business when well written.

A captivating press release can feature on websites, news publications, and magazines. When your target customers get to see this draft, they’ll have more confidence in your company.

Choose the Right Platform and Distribute Wisely

You may use media outlets like radio or TV for your campaign. Eye major media outlets to reach more people with your brand story.

If you run a small business, local media can help you reach your target audience. National press would be ideal once your brand has gained enough recognition. Whichever outlet you use, your campaign can gain traction and reach more people.

Choose media outlets that are relevant to your niche for better outcomes. You should thus visit their websites and check whether they have endorsed businesses like yours in the past. Note that media outlets can only pick up your brand story relevant to their viewers/listeners.

Have a Follow-up Plan

A follow-up plan will help you determine whether your story has been covered by the media outlet you chose. When making follow-ups, explain to journalists why you believe the campaign is newsworthy. You should also give them reasons why it will capture attention in the days to come.

Your pitch has to stand out since journalists get many of them. You should also follow up via email 3 to four days after distributing the campaign. Add a link to research or a customer review that shows its continued value.

Measure the campaign results with a press release service to determine its impact. You should also come up with a report that highlights the campaign’s key performance indicators and objectives. Identify areas that need improvement and note those that made the campaign stand out.

Let’s Help You Create Impactful PR Campaigns

The key to running successful PR campaigns is considering every possibility that will set your brand apart. Use compelling data to make a strong case for your brand story and back it up with accurate evidence. You should also think out of the box and experiment with different ideas, as discussed in this guide.

Count on eReleases for quality media coverage and website traffic for your business. Our team writes and distributes press releases to key industry influences and journalists to boost credibility. Let’s help increase your visibility and bring you more revenue today.

6 Tips for PR Distribution: Reach the Widest Audience

January 17 2022

pr distribution

A solid marketing campaign is essential to business success, with experts recommending that companies set aside at least 10% of their annual gross income for marketing. That means if you expect to make $100,000 in 2022, then you should set aside $10,000 for your marketing needs.

One of the most powerful tools you can have in your marketing arsenal is a well-crafted press release (PR). Press releases lend authenticity to your brand, helping you build a loyal customer following over time. But for this to happen, you need a working PR distribution strategy.

A single press release can set you back anywhere between $400 and $2,000. But if that press release doesn’t reach the intended audience or convey the intended message, you’ve simply wasted your money.

In today’s blog, we show you how to distribute a press release, so you get the best value for your money. Let’s get started.

1. Use a Professional to Write and Distribute Press Releases

Effective press release distribution starts with ensuring that you have a well-crafted announcement. Your press release needs to adhere to industry-standard structure and formatting. Moreover, it should be as compelling as possible.

Consider using the services of a professional press release writing service. These agencies are knowledgeable in writing different types of press releases. They can craft a release that does justice to your objectives.

Some agencies will also help PR distribution services in their package. This helps ensure that your press release reaches the intended audience.

2. Work With Influencers and Bloggers

Another easy way to reap the benefits of a press release is to work with high-profile influencers and bloggers to distribute the announcement. Many of these individuals are always excited by newsworthy announcements and will have no problem sharing this news and discussing it with their audiences.

If you have influencers in your industry that may be interested in what you have to share, contact them directly and enquire whether to send your press release to them. Some will ask for a brief summary of your news, while others will ask for a copy of the release. Either of the two is okay as long as it helps get your announcement to a broader audience.

3. Use Graphics, Video, and Images

A press release that contains images is much more likely to be covered by the media than one that contains plain text. Video is even more effective when it comes to the odds of getting your press releases covered. That’s because multimedia elements make your story more well-rounded and engaging, which makes journalists’ jobs much easier.

When emailing your press release to journalists, be sure to attach the release and its accompanying multimedia. Avoid large attachments as they often frustrate recipients, with some email servers choosing to block them. Of course, these challenges aren’t an issue when you’re working with a professional PR writing service.

4. Use the Right Outlets

An important part of successfully distributing a press release is knowing where to distribute PR. Use a PR distribution service that provides easy access to outlets that can reach your target audience.

For instance, if your target audience matches Twitter user demographics, ensure the outlet you use offers PR publication to location- and industry-specific Twitter handles. Where your target audience is local, find a PR distribution service that targets distribution by location to local TV, radio, and print media houses.

5. Send Your Press Releases at the Right Time

Another way to optimize your press release’s effectiveness is to nail the timing for sending the release. Should you release the communication immediately, or should you embargo it for a future date? On which day of the week and time of day should you release the communication for the greatest impact?

According to experts, the ideal time to send a press release is between 10 am and 2 pm on Thursday. Email open rates are the highest at this time and day of the week.

Always strive to send your press releases in advance to give journalists enough time to craft their stories and ask you any follow-up questions. If you intend the story to be covered on radio or TV, sending the press release at least a week prior is recommended. Where you wish to use a newspaper, pitch your story at least three weeks in advance, while for magazines, you need to do so up to six months beforehand.

6. Check Your Media Contact List Before Sending Out Your PR

Before you email your press releases to your media contacts, you need to check the health of your contact list. There are helpful tools that can help you verify whether the information in your contact list is up-to-date and accurate. This way, you don’t send out your press release to addresses that are incorrect or no longer exist.

Regularly update your contact list, filling in any gaps that exist. There are helpful tools that can help you find missing information on the internet, such as contacts’ emails on LinkedIn. As long as your contact list remains healthy, you can always be confident about your press releases reaching the intended people for distribution.

Stay on Top of Your PR Distribution Strategy

Your press releases can make a huge impact on your branding strategy, but only if these releases reach your intended audience. Using the PR distribution tips we’ve shared here, you can significantly boost the chances of your press releases being covered by the media and reaching as many people as possible.

Are you interested in professional PR writing and distribution services? Contact us today and learn how we can help.

5 Press Release Templates and How to Effectively Utilize Them

January 10 2022

press release templates

Did you know that the traditional press release is still used, more than ever? Even though there are a lot of myths surrounding whether or not they are effective, press releases are a great way to get the word out about your company.

They’re an effective marketing tool that you can use for both internal and external communications. A press release is perfect for announcing new products, services, or partnerships. An effective PR template can also highlight milestones in your business or share information with the media.

Here’s how you can write a successful press release using our easy-to-use press release templates!

Template 1: New Product or Service

If you have a new product or service that you’re launching, the first thing you’ll want to do is publish a press release. This could include announcing an app launch, publishing your company’s annual report. Here’s an example:

For Immediate Release

XYZ Company announces the launch of its new product, SuperWidget.

Today, XYZ Company announced the release of its newest product, SuperWidget. The announcement comes on the heels of several successful years in the industry and will serve to strengthen their foothold as one of America’s Top 100 Companies.

SuperWidget is a smart home appliance that both adults and children can operate using voice commands. SuperWidget features an easy-to-use interface touchscreen panel and it can connect to the user’s smartphone, allowing them to operate it from anywhere in the world.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new product into our line,” said CEO of XYZ Company, Sarah Smith. “Our customers have been asking for a new and innovative product and we believe SuperWidget fits the bill.”

This is just one of many products in XYZ Company’s wide range of smart home appliances and the company plans to continue pushing the envelope within this market with future releases.

SuperWidget is available in the XYZ Company store for $399.99 with a special launch price of $349.99, which will last for one week only.

For more information about SuperWidget, please visit:

To arrange an interview with Sarah Smith, CEO of XYZ Company, please contact the company at (123) 456-7890 or email [email protected]

Key Points:

  • Introduce your new product and why it’s innovative
  • Make sure to include relevant information about how it works and how it benefits consumers

Template 2: Company Milestone

Do your company’s sales figures glisten brighter than the stars? Does your organization have a 20th anniversary? Have you just opened a new office in Utah? Don’t let these milestones go to waste! Here’s an example:

For Immediate Release

XYZ Company announces a new milestone in its 20-year history.

Today, XYZ Company announced that it had reached an important business milestone: after twenty years of service, the company has surpassed $100 million in annual revenue. The announcement comes on the heels of several successful quarters and will serve to strengthen their foothold as one of America’s Top 100 Companies.

“It’s been a long road, but we’re thrilled to have reached this milestone,” said CEO of XYZ Company, Sarah Smith. “Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our customers and dedicated employees.”

This is just one of many products in XYZ Company’s wide range of office equipment and the company plans to continue pushing the envelope within this market with future releases.

Key Points:

  • Introduce your milestone and why it’s significant for your business
  • Include relevant information about how you’ve reached this point and how it will impact your success moving forward

Template 3: Company Profile

You’re not just a cog in the wheel of capitalism – you’ve got your own story to tell! Here’s an example:

For Immediate Release

Views, News, Tips & More on!

It is with great excitement that today XYZ Company announces the launch of their new site for media professionals!  The site features an easy-to-use interface with exclusive breaking news, views & insights into XYZ Company.

“We created this site because we know how important it is for members of the media to stay engaged with their audiences,” said Sarah Smith, CEO of XYZ Company. “Now journalists can go to one central location for round-the-clock updates on our company and the latest news from the tech industry.”

Key Points:

  • Introduce your company and what makes you unique
  • Provide a general overview of your products or services

Template 4: Tips & Tricks

Everyone knows that social media is a powerful tool for engaging with your target audience, so why not use it to share tips? Here’s an example of a Tips & Tricks press release:

Tips & Tricks on XYZ!

It is with great excitement that today XYZ Company is announcing the launch of their new site for media professionals!  The site features an easy-to-use interface with exclusive breaking news, views & insights into XYZ Company.

“We created this site because we know how important it is for members of the media to stay engaged with their audiences,” said Sarah Smith, CEO of XYZ Company. “Now journalists can go to one central location for round-the-clock updates on our company and the latest news from the tech industry.”

Key Points:

  • Introduce your topic; provide relevant information in a helpful format
  • List your contact info and website where readers can learn more
  • End with a call-to-action (CTA) for media

Template 5: How To’s

This is just like a Tips & Tricks press release, but with more in-depth information and step-by-step instructions that can help customers or clients learn how to do something.  Here’s an example:

For Immediate Release

How to Reach Your Sales Goals!

It is with great excitement that today XYZ Company announces the launch of their new site for media professionals!  The site features an easy-to-use interface with exclusive breaking news, views & insights into XYZ Company.

“We created this site because we know how important it is for members of the media to stay engaged with their audiences,” said Sarah Smith, CEO of XYZ Company. “Now journalists can go to one central location for round-the-clock updates on our company and the latest news from the tech industry.”

Key Points for this PR template:

  • Introduce your topic
  • Provide relevant information in a helpful format
  • List your contact info and website where readers can learn more
  • End with a call-to-action (CTA) for media, such as an invitation to interview the company spokesperson

Get Started With Press Release Templates Today

Using these 5 press release templates, you can create a unique press release for your company. They can help you begin getting targeted media coverage. Use these press release examples as a starting point and add your flavor.

For more help, be sure to contact us for a consultation!

Quick Tips for Boosting SEO With a Strong Press Release

January 03 2022

boosting SEO

Over 50% of all website traffic starts with an organic search. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can ensure your press releases reach prospective clients. Then, you can generate more brand awareness and site traffic than ever before.

Otherwise, you might miss the chance to reach prospective customers online.

How can boosting SEO rankings with a strong press release benefit your business? Want to learn how to boost SEO for your releases? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know.

After reading this guide, you can boost SEO with press releases without stress or struggle. Stronger rankings will help attract more people to your business. You could start generating more leads and sales as a result.

Read on to discover how to use a press release to boost SEO rankings today!

The Benefits of Press Release SEO

Before we discuss how to boost SEO with a press release, let’s discuss the benefits of using PR SEO. Here are a few ways boosting SEO with press releases can benefit your brand and business.

1. Generate Brand Awareness

If potential customers don’t realize your company exists, they’ll never shop from your store. You could miss the chance to gain new investors, too. Learning how to boost SEO with press releases can improve your brand visibility.

Improving your brand visibility can also encourage more people to learn about your business. They can visit your website to discover your offerings. Reading your blog posts can help them discover your expertise and credibility as well.

Boosting your brand’s visibility online can help brand awareness and recognition grow over time. With each press release, you’ll have an easier time remaining top-of-mind.

The next time a consumer needs your product or service, they’ll recall your press release and website.

Boosting SEO rankings will also ensure consumers see your website first.

You can reach the top of a search engine results page to ensure consumers view your site before a competitor’s. Consumers will notice you’ve reached the top of the page, too.

After all, most people don’t look beyond the first page of results.

With higher SEO rankings, you can remain top-of-mind to generate leads and sales in the future.

2. Gain Backlinks

One of the top benefits of boosting search engine rankings with press releases is backlink generation.

Backlinks are links that send website visitors to one blog to your content. Many businesses guest blog to generate backlinks. The more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it can generate via Google.

In fact, Google claims backlinks are one of its top ranking factors. Without backlinks, your rankings might not improve.

You can learn how to boost SEO by gaining backlinks. Your high-quality, informative press releases might encourage people to link to your content. You can generate backlinks organically as a result.

As you gain more backlinks, your rankings will improve. Remember, boosting SEO rankings can help more people find you online.

You can improve your rankings, generate more website traffic, and boost your business without stress.

3. Gain Referral Traffic

Improving your rankings with press releases will also help you gain more referral traffic.

A news outlet might decide to pick up your press release before sharing it with its existing audience. As people see and read your press release, you’ll generate more traffic to your own website. Google will notice you’re generating referral traffic.

Referral traffic can help your search engine rankings rise even more!

Learning how to use a press release to boost SEO can also encourage people to share your content.

A consumer or blogger can view your press release on their favorite media outlet’s website. Then, they can share that post with their own audience. Your reach will continue to increase, leading to more brand visibility.

4. Generate Leads and Sales

Boosting SEO with PR will attract more people to your website. As more people begin visiting your website, you’ll have the chance to generate more leads. You can use strong call-to-action language to convert those visitors into sales.

Your ROI will rise as a result.

How to Boost SEO With a Press Release

Now that you understand the benefits of boosting SEO rankings with PR, let’s discuss how to go about it.

Start by researching your target audience. Determine what your customers or investors expect to read. Then, you can create content that appeals to their interests.

Take the time to gather keyword research, too. Determine what keywords your audience uses during a Google search. Then, choose one main keyword.

Create content with that keyword in mind (rather than stuffing a keyword into a post after the fact). The keyword should appear in the:

  • URL
  • Press release title
  • Opening and closing paragraphs
  • Body text
  • Image alt text
  • Meta description

Avoid using the same keyword too many times. Instead, sprinkle relevant secondary keywords and synonyms throughout the content.

Make sure to use an attention-grabbing headline for your press release. Otherwise, people won’t stick around to read it. If people leave the press release too soon, it could cause a high bounce rate.

A high bounce rate indicates people don’t have an interest in your press release. You could struggle to boost SEO rankings as a result.

Add multimedia to your press release, too. Optimize any images or videos you include. You could rank for imagery as well.

You don’t have to learn how to use a press release to boost SEO alone. Instead, consider requesting professional SEO press release services. A professional agency will understand how to write, format, and optimize your post.

With their help, you can boost SEO with PR in no time.

Boosting SEO With Press Releases: Your Guide to Stronger Rankings

Don’t miss the chance to start boosting SEO with press releases. Higher SEO rankings can help you reach more customers online. Then, you can generate more traffic, leads, and sales for a higher ROI.

Consider working with an experienced press release SEO agency this year. With their help, you can set your strategy up for success.

Discover our PR pricing today to learn more.

Press Release Site for Submissions: All You Need To Know

December 28 2021

press release site

The average office worker gets over 120 emails per day. If you’re sending out a press release via email to announce something about your business, you want it to make an impact so it stands out among the rest. A press release should be more than an announcement — it’s a way to invite media members to learn more about your company and what you want to share.

Once you’ve crafted your press release, the next step is press release distribution. Using a press release site instead of sending it out yourself is an effective way to ensure it gets in front of as many relevant media members as possible.

This guide will go over how to choose the best press release distribution site for your upcoming press release.

What Is a Press Release?

Before we get started on talking about how and where to distribute your press release, let’s discuss how to write a press release. A press release is a compelling document that showcases a newsworthy story about your company. You can send it to media outlets, bloggers, and local news outlets in the hopes that they’ll cover your news.

Some of the reasons your company might send out a press release include:

  • New product announcement
  • Crisis management
  • New staff member introduction
  • Merger

The story that you tell in your press release should be newsworthy and sent to individuals who would be interested in it. The more relevant the media member, the more likely they’ll be to actually cover the news.

How Do I Send Out a Press Release?

There are two a few ways you can distribute a press release. One way is for you to send the press release directly to media members. That involves scouring the internet for websites that would be interested in your news and locating their contact information.

Another common way to send out a press release is by using a press release submission site. A press release submission site enables you to publish your press release directly on their website. Journalists can head to this website to look for stories.

You can find both free and paid press release submission websites. The free submission websites are fairly basic. If you’re hoping to earn a widespread amount of media coverage from the top or mid-tier websites then a free site isn’t the way to go.

With a paid press release submission website, you’re paying to access their established channels and contacts. The websites have worked to build and update countless media contacts so you don’t have to do the work. All you do is upload your press release into the segments they’ve created and they handle the rest.

How Do I Submit a Press Release?

Utilizing a submission site is fairly straightforward. You upload your press release and then select what services and tracking tools you want to be included. If the website is quality, it will have more effective and user-friendly tools.

The cost of using their services depends on what is included in the package you purchase. However, you’re probably saving money instead of using your own time and effort to look for media contacts.

How Do Journalists Use Press Releases From Submission Websites?

The press release you wrote will appear verbatim on the press release website you submitted to. It’s then sent to relevant media organizations and news outlets.

Media members can publish the press release “as is” on their websites. This means they essentially copy and paste your release.

Sometimes a journalist will write an article about your announcement. They’ll use the information and/or quotes from your press release in their article.

Track the Performance of Your Press Release

There are many ways to measure the performance of your press releases. If your news got covered on a top-tier website, there are a few metrics you can evaluate.

Publication reach, or impressions, will give you a rough idea of how big of an audience saw your news. It’s not a completely reliable metric, since a smaller media outlet can sometimes have a more distinguished target reader.

Another metric you’ll want to monitor is domain authority. This depends on whether or not you received a do-follow backlink. Backlinks increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines.

The higher your domain authority score, the more authority you have. This will help boost your website in the search engine results pages.

Additionally, if you got a backlink from your submission, you’ll also get referral traffic. That metric will tell you how many visitors you got to your website from that article. This will clearly show you how your target audience has engaged with your press release.

The Benefits of Using a Press Release Submission Website

Press release submission websites get your press release reviewed and sent out very quickly. You don’t have to take the time to review media contacts and dig for their contact information. You’ll also get immediate access to journalists at the largest media companies.

Additionally, some of the websites allow you to target specific industries or niches. That ensures that your press release gets in front of media members who are interested in what you have to say. Many press release submission websites also syndicate your release, which means you’ll get in front of even more media members.

Trust in the Most Professional Press Release Site

Finding the right press release site can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team at eReleases has been in the business for years. We have the expertise to craft a high-quality press release and help you maximize your media coverage.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your press release distribution.

What Is a Press Release and Why Is It Important? A Guide

December 21 2021

what is a press release

According to research, 63% of global respondents claim press releases are the preferred method of new conveyance. Additionally, 44% of journalists agree that they trust press releases the most. They go on to add that press releases are their most trustworthy source when it comes to brand-related information. So, what is a press release?

In this article, we’re going to address everything you need to understand about press releases. We’ll discuss what press releases are and why they matter, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

What Is a Press Release?

What is a press release? It’s a document provided by a company to give information about their business to the media. It contains information such as special offers, new products, or events that are going to take place in the near future.

There are many different types of press releases and they include contact details for the available members of staff at the company who can help journalists with any further inquiries. Press releases are an important part of a company’s marketing and communication strategy.

A well-written and well-executed press release can help increase awareness for your company and its products. It’ll generate publicity, and build relationships with key members of the media.

Why Is It Important?

These days, most people get their news from online sources instead of print or broadcast media. Having your own website is crucial if you want people to find out about your latest product or event. That said, sending out regular updates via press releases ensures that you reach more potential customers through journalists who take interest in writing about your company.

When writing a press release, it’s essential to keep in mind who your readers are and which media outlets they might be interested in. Once you know your audience, you can create a press release that will grab their attention and convince them to write an article about the topic.

Let’s take a look at what makes press releases so important.

To Let the Media Know About Your Company News

The main reason to issue a press release is to tell journalists and members of the media about your latest company news. By doing this, you’re giving them free material that they can use in an article or on their website. That’ll help get your story out there, increase awareness for your brand, and boost traffic for your website.

Gain Publicity for Your Business

Publicity is another key benefit of issuing a press release. The more people who are aware of what you have been up to lately, the more search traffic you’ll receive from Google and other search engines. Additionally, when someone searches online for news related to your industry, it’s good to have your company name in the mix.

Increase Web Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

Issuing a press release can help increase web traffic and improve your search engine rankings. This is because the publicity you gain from issuing a press release will lead to curiosity or interest in your business brand. Hence more people will visit your website.

When you gain more organic traffic, it tells Google and other search engines that your site is valuable and should rank higher in the search results. Even better, a well-executed press release can also help generate leads and sales for your business.

With so much traffic, more and more people will find your products and services, and you’ll have a high chance of converting some of them. If you include a call to action, such as a free trial or discount in your release, you can increase the chances of someone taking you up on your offer.

Showcase Your Company as an Industry Leader

When you issue a press release, it gives you an opportunity to showcase your company as an industry leader. This is because you are putting yourself out there as an expert on the topic at hand. And when journalists and bloggers see that you are knowledgeable about the topic, they’ll be more likely to reach out to you for further insights.

Press releases are a great way to establish your company’s authority in its niche. In other words, it lets people know that you are an expert in the field and that they should turn to you for help if they have any problems or questions related to what you do. If you issue information many people don’t yet know, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate being informed by an expert.

Gain Recognition for Your Company

Issuing a press release can also help you gain recognition for yourself, your business, and your brand. When journalists and bloggers publish articles about you, chances are they’ll mention who you are and what your brand is about.

This means that once the news is published in many publications, it’ll get in front of more eyes, and more people will know about your business. With a strategic press release distribution to the right journalists, news outlets, bloggers, and influencers, your brand will undoubtedly gain recognition.

Strengthen Relationships With Journalists and Media Outlets

Another benefit of issuing a press release is that it strengthens relationships with members of the media. You show trust when you let them know when something important has happened with your business.

If one journalist writes about something you have done and links back to your press release, other journalists may also link to it. As a result, you’ll get more exposure for your company as well as more backlinks, which are beneficial for your website’s SEO.

Keep Your Followers Up-To-Date on Your Company’s Latest News

Press releases can help keep your followers up-to-date on your company’s latest news. This is especially beneficial if you have a blog or social media accounts where you regularly post updates about your business. By issuing a press release, you can share all of the critical details in one place, which will make it easier for your followers to stay informed.

The Importance of Press Releases: How Your Brand Would Benefit

So, what is a press release? An important document that outlines or highlights the most important news about your company you need to share with the public. There are so many great reasons to release them once in a while.

That said, keep in mind that not every press release will be successful. If you put in the effort and write a well-crafted release, you’ll be more likely to achieve your desired results.

If you have no idea how to write a press release, please give us a call and we’ll be more than glad to do it for you!

Sending Press Releases: How Does It Work?

December 14 2021

sending press releases

Do you have a product launch or an upcoming newsworthy event on which you want to get media attention? One of the best ways to secure coverage from relevant media is by sending a press release. By framing your news story in a captivating way, you’ll gain media attention and, hopefully, get journalists to post an article about it.

Sending press releases is a straightforward process but can be overwhelming if you don’t have any experience in the area. Press releases need to be deliberate and include critical pieces of information.

This guide will discuss how to write a press release and how to effectively send one to people who want to learn more about your company.

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is designed to promote specific and essential information about your business. Press releases should stick to a strict format. Some of the purposes of a press release include:

  • Sharing information about your company
  • Notifying media members about an upcoming event
  • Promoting your company’s presence on the web via social media, websites, and blogs

The end goal of a press release is having journalists write about your news. You want them to spread the word, so you increase awareness about your brand and what you have to offer.

What’s the Structure for a Press Release?

Press releases need to follow a standard format. Journalists have come to expect the same overall layout for press releases, ensuring they know what to find when they review your press release. Following the same format also helps them figure out if they want to cover your news or not.

Also, by following the standard template, you show media members that you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to press releases (even if you’re not). You want to put your best foot forward and appear professional at all times.

Below are the items you should include in your press release and the order in which they should appear:

  • Headline: A brief snapshot of what the release says
  • Lead: A short overview that tells the reader who, what, when, why, and with what effort
  • Body: A few paragraph explanation of the story
  • Dateline: Show that you’re showing the most recent information
  • Company Information: A brief overview of your company
  • Media Contact Info: The company’s contact information for media inquiries

Pair this structure with a newsworthy story, and you’ll be set up for success with your press release.

Our Tips for Effectively Sending Press Releases

Now that you know the basic format for a press release and when to send one, let’s discuss some tips for press release distribution. Knowing when and how to pitch media members is key to securing coverage.

Create a Media List

Once you have your press release drafted, it’s time to send it out. But, who do you send your press release to?

For this, you’ll need to do a bit of research. Create a spreadsheet with different columns for:

  • A media member’s name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Outlet name

You’ll want to look at traditional news outlets. This includes magazines, newspapers, TV channels, and their websites. Look at ones that are in your area first.

You can visit their websites to find out their media contact’s names and contact information. If you can’t locate them, you can also look on LinkedIn or give them a call.

Additionally, you’ll want to explore nontraditional news sources. This includes:

  • Blogs
  • Networking websites
  • Facebook groups
  • Digital groups
  • Instagram accounts

While they’re not traditional news outlets, they’re a great way to get information out.

Use a Press Release Distribution Service

A press release distribution service will instantly distribute your press release to thousands of media members, news outlets, and influencers. Distribution services do cost money, but they’re a guaranteed way to get in front of people that you might not have even considered if you were attempting to send out your release yourself. Additionally, they’ll also provide you with analytic reports to gauge the success of your press release.

Sending out a press release through a distribution service is easy. You’ll typically start by uploading your press release and relevant media. Then, you’ll select a target audience and release date.

You’ll also get connected with a press release editor or writer. They’ll review your press release to ensure it’s polished and ready for distribution.

Talk About Your Press Release on Social Media

Once your press release has been sent out and the news has started getting posted on news sites, make sure you follow up. Share the link to their stories on your social media accounts to boost your authority with your followers.

You can also republish your press release on your company’s website on a press page or as a blog article. Include social sharing buttons so readers can post to their own social media pages.

Track the Performance of Your Release

Gauging the effectiveness of your press release not only tells you how it’s performing but also helps you learn what didn’t work well so you can make adjustments in the future. As we said earlier, a press release distribution service will provide you with a performance report.

You can also track its performance by conducting an internet search. Set your search settings to the day you sent the press release out until the present day.

Type your business’s name into the search bar and look for relevant links. You can also change up what you search for by including more specific information. Drop all the links you find into a spreadsheet so you can continually track them.

Partner With eReleases for Press Release Distribution

Sending press releases doesn’t have to be complicated when working with an experienced press release agency. We have teams of writers and editors that will encapsulate your vision, telling your story in an effective way that gets news coverage.

Contact us today to learn more about our press release writing and distribution services.

Press Release Sample: What Should a Press Release Look Like?

December 07 2021

press release sample

Major press release distribution sites release nearly 1,000 press releases a day. During busy news cycles, this number can skyrocket even more. Because there are so many press releases knocking on journalists’ doors every day it’s important that you make your press release stand out and be impactful.

A press release is a succinct way for an industry or brand to get news attention and push out first-party information. Press releases should be factual and tell a story. A good way to make a  press release impactful is to balance the storytelling side with factually focused writing.

For a brand that may not already “knows” you, it’s even more important to produce a high-quality release. Keep reading to learn more about how to construct an impactful press release.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written communication that is distributed to members of the media. Typically businesses and industries will generate a media list that they will push out press releases to in order to generate news.

Public relations professionals are typically tasked with writing press releases and succinctly sharing a storyline or hard-hitting piece of news. Typically press releases from a media standpoint are issued for one of two reasons. Either to generate positive press around a new product or expansion or to mitigate negative press.

When a business is in the limelight, it can be the victim of negative media. In order to build a network of reliable media connections and gain newsworthiness, businesses often try to push out positive headlines in order to soften the blow of a negative one.

Press Release Sample

Writing strong press releases is an important promotional tool for a business. Being able to showcase a business’s success and advancements is an important way to grab the media’s attention. However, the most important aspect of writing press releases is to report actual news and slowly build a rapport with journalists.

When you are writing a press release it’s important to think like a journalist. By giving a release that unique perspective you can sell a story to a media network. Having press releases written in-house allows you to ensure that your company’s brand is properly represented.

Apart from a well-written release, following the template for a press release sample is important to gaining credibility with news networks.


The top of any press release has the contact information for journalists to follow up if they have any questions. Having media contact information such as the point of contact’s name, phone numbers, and email can help make sure that the story is accurately portrayed.

The contact section of a press release is designed to give media contacts the opportunity to follow up on any questions they may have after reading the press release. They may follow up for quotes or just ask for exclusive publishing rights. Being readily accessible after distributing releases is a simple way to strengthen your relationship with a contact.


Press releases typically include the headline and a subhead. These titles are designed to catch the viewer’s attention and provide a quick line or two of context to the release.

Your headline is going to be no more than a single line of text. This typically allows you to make a lasting impression on the journalist. A well-executed headline acts as a hook for a potential news network.

A press release’s subheader provides additional context to the release and expresses to the reader why they should continue reading. Any compelling factor that you can use to capture the reader’s attention can be used here, while still keeping this subheader to a line or two of text.


The lead of a press release is a traditional hook. These first few sentences help summarize the press release in its entirety. By providing a clear and concise direction for the release, the lead can be considered a parallel to the abstract of a research paper.


The body of the press release is where you provide all of the details and quotes that are relevant to the story. This is the main part of the press release, the information shared in the body’s copy gives a reporter meat to back up their article.

Typically the body is written using the journalistic strategy of the inverted pyramid (Who, What, When, Where, and Why). The body starts off by providing facts, figures, and quotes from key shareholders. These pieces are useful for a journalist crafting a story.


The term boilerplate is an old newspaper terminology that refers to standard text that is repeated. The closing paragraph or boilerplate will have a sentence or two that promotes your company and explains its purpose. Your boilerplate can be repeated for different press releases and does not need to be adjusted based on the story.

Boilerplates are a part of press releases to share more information about the source of the release. By sharing an organization’s purpose and mission, a reporter can determine its relevance for their desired audience.

Generate Media Attention Through Press Release Distribution

Press releases are a great tool to generate positive media and combat any negative PR. By following the outline of a press release sample you can easily generate high-quality press releases to distribute to news networks.

Once you are confident in your ability to write concise press releases, it’s just a matter of distribution to get your business media hits. Connect with us at eReleases to get started distributing your press releases.

How Often Should You Send a Press Release?

November 18 2021

send a press release

As an industry tycoon, business owner, or member of the media it’s important to know a way to get a journalist’s attention and get your brand recognized. Although you may not always have cutting-edge news, it’s important to constantly be building a rapport with journalists. This means that when your releases hit their inbox your name is familiar.

Do you want to make sure that all of the content you give journalists is quality material? Spamming a journalist will actually have a negative effect on your relationship with the media.

So the real question is what is the balance? What is the right time and circumstance to send a press release? Keep reading to learn about how often you should send a press release.

Why Press Releases Matter

A press release is a way to get attention and share information with media outlets. Press releases are an effective way of creating interest and incorporating fax in an efficient way. By giving the news a first-party testimony or statement you’re able to give them an insight into the story.

Press releases allow you to get in front of a problem, promote innovation, and garner brand awareness. These tools can help make your business or brand stand out amongst others and directly affect your profitability.

How to Send a Press Release

When you are publishing a press release it’s important that you follow a few simple steps. Publishing press releases is a much more efficient process when you build relationships with a media list. These are lists of journalists that you have his points of contact with a different marketing agency.

Then you want to compile your actual release with facts and write a submission email to send with your press release. This email is going to introduce the topic and why it’s relevant to certain news sources’ readers.

If you have your own brand you can use your earned media and help generate a buzz. By promoting a release on social media you’ll be able to get more views and further establish your brand name in the news.

Once you’re able to make contact with a publisher and get your release public do you want to track the performance using analytics and reports.

Write What Matters

A well-written press release is concise. It is thorough and refined and fully edited. One of the biggest embarrassments that you can have your brand is to send out press releases that happen undergone thorough editing and proofreading.

By connecting with services like ours as you can ensure that you’re giving top quality contact at a quick professional rate. The news cycle moves quickly and so do we. We work diligently to ensure that your press releases are well written and provide content that matters to readers.

Something is newsworthy just because it happened recently. Some things are newsworthy because when I read or read that they are interested and want to learn more. You need to write about what matters not just company shareholders but all target audiences.

When writing a press release you should not only address the facts of the story. But you also need to address the question of how this matters to a consumer. We go through so much media any given day that ensuring that something is newsworthy is going to be what makes someone stop and read a release.

Leverage Press Releases as Needed

One of the most important elements of sending a press release is building relationships with new sources you will be able to leverage your news. Journalists are much more inclined to publish a release if it is pitched as an exclusive.

Journalists rely on a network of strategic partnerships to help them always have a steady stream of news. By building a relationship you can establish yourself as one of those strategic partners.

Be Timely

One of the most important elements of creating a press release is timeliness. News is only relevant for a short period of time before it loses its wow factor.

It is essential that you and your brand understand the timing and relevancy of a new cycle. This tool can help make sure that your press release makes headlines rather than sitting in a journalist’s inbox.

Another aspect of being timely is to understand the ins and outs of the news cycle. News that breaks on Monday or Friday is not going to get as much attention. It’s going to be shifted off in the morning emails and not make as big of a splash.

When you were sending out press releases to news sources you want to make sure that you’re doing it during the typical workday. Sending an email after hours or before work starts can just ensure that it’s at the bottom of an inbox when a journalist goes to check.

Make an Impact With Your Press Release

Timeliness and quality content can never replace a strong media list. One of the most important aspects of being industry is building strategic partnerships so that your press releases will be well circulated.

No news outlet wants to be spammed with something that isn’t newsworthy. You should never send a press release for the sake of sending one. If there’s no story all that you’re going to do is weak in your relationship with a reporter.

Connect with us to learn more about how to make your press release is more impactful and expand your viewership.

How Does a Business Press Release Differ From Advertising?

November 11 2021

business press release

Branding is an essential part of a business, with 77 percent of marketers stating that it’s a critical factor in future growth. Every enterprise needs to create a brand around which business advertisements will revolve.

Top marketers go out of their way to generate as much brand awareness as possible. 70 percent of these experts believe that building an audience is way more important than converting sales. That’s because once you’ve built an audience and established trust, sales and customer loyalty will naturally follow.

To create brand awareness, you can put out a well-crafted business press release regularly. Another popular way of marketing your brand is through advertising.

To use both business press releases and advertisements effectively, you need to understand how the two differ. This guide highlights the key differences between a business press release and advertising.

What Is a Business Press Release?

A press release refers to written communication that reports news related to an organization. The press release may give information about a circumstance event, product launch, or some other happening tied to the company.

Press releases are released to the media to be made public. They’re written in a formal and unbiased way and aimed primarily at raising awareness about something in the organization.

Writing effective press release headlines and content can help capture the interest of both your audience.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising refers to marketing communication that employs openly sponsored and non-personal messages to promote products, services, or ideas. In the business world, sponsors of advertising are companies out to promote their products or services.

When advertising a business, the message used is highly tailored to engage the market audience that your company is targeting. It’s one of the oldest and most enduring marketing strategies, with the advertising industry valued at $348.4 billion in 2021.

How Does a Business Press Release Differ From Advertising?

While both press releases and advertising play a significant role in growing a business, there are several important differences between the two. Here are four top areas they differ in.


Generally, publishing a press release costs much less than paying for an advert. The process of writing a business press release itself only takes several hours. Most top press releases are between 300 and 1000 words.

You can, of course, write and issue a business press release yourself. But it’s generally much more prudent to let the professionals handle it for you. An experienced press release agency can ensure that both the creation and distribution of your press releases are handled effectively and professionally, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

The cost of writing and publishing will vary based on the agency you use, but it’s almost always much lower than producing an advertisement. This is especially the case with TV adverts, which require a cast, a production team, and a suitable shooting location. In addition, you’ll need to pay a considerable amount of money to get your commercial aired on TV.

Even when you’re only using print adverts, it does cost a hefty amount to pay for space slots in newspapers and magazines.

Target Audience

The audience that a press release targets is quite different from that targeted by an advertisement. Given that a press release is essentially a news announcement, it typically targets people who usually follow news about the organization. Press releases also generally target people who have an interest in the world of media, as communication is commonly done through the media.

Advertising targets a much wider audience. Everyone that engages with the media, as well as other potential clients who get their news and entertainment through other channels, are targets.


Given that press releases are news announcements, they remain relevant for a short period of time. You can thus reap the benefits of a press release for only a limited amount of time. Once the season for which the press release is over, it loses its relevance.

Conversely, advertisements can stay relevant for a long period of time. That’s because the product or service an advert markets is unlikely to change anytime soon, with many products remaining the same for decades. Sure, you may contemplate changing the way in which you present the advert, but that’s usually after months or years.


Advertisements differ dramatically in their content from press releases. Generally, advertisements tend to be informal. Their tone is typically energetic, upbeat, and light-hearted.

An advert doesn’t necessarily include all details about a product or service. However, it tries to tell you as much as possible to convince you to make a purchase or subscription.

Advertisements typically offer a much wider creative space compared to press releases. You can choose to present the advert in a variety of ways, including the story-telling formats. Ads tend to be informative and humorous.

The language in press releases tends to be professional. The message is typically delivered in a set number of words. The content is usually precise and to the point.

Leverage the Power of Press Releases and Advertising in Your Business

Business press releases and advertisements can help you connect with your target audience effectively. But to make the most of these two approaches, you need to understand how a business press release differs from an advertisement. As you’ve seen, the two marketing approaches differ significantly in terms of cost, target audience, lifespan, and content.

Do you have any questions about press releases? Contact us today to get the guidance you need.