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Over 90% of marketers say content is a valuable business asset. Meanwhile, nearly 80% of content marketers incorporate press releases into their content marketing strategies. Why write press releases, though?

Read onwhy write press releasesto find out in this press release guide! After discovering the top press release benefits, you can determine if it’s time to add releases to your marketing strategy, too. Then, you can discover new ways to boost brand awareness and sales.

Read on to discover the top benefits of creating press releases today!


Reach Ideal Customers

Distributing press releases will ensure your brand appears on platforms your customers already use. Then, you’ll have an easier time generating brand awareness. You’ll also benefit from appearing in front of your ideal customers.

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Since these consumers already have an interest in your offerings, they’re more likely to consider your products or services.

Traditional marketing materials like billboards and flyers can appear in front of any local consumer. These consumers don’t always want or need your products or services, though. As a result, you could waste time and money using these marketing services.

When journalists review press release submissions, they choose releases that suit their audiences. As a result, you’ll have an easier time appearing in front of ideal customers.

These consumers already love and trust the publications they’re reading, too. You can leverage that existing brand trust to encourage consumers to trust your brand. They might feel more inclined to give your business a chance as a result.

Gain Online Exposure

It takes over five impressions in front of a customer before you begin generating brand awareness. Developing an omnichannel marketing strategy can help you appear at different touchpoints online. Then, you can increase the likelihood the consumer will become aware your brand exists.

If consumers aren’t aware of your business, they’ll turn to your competitors with their needs instead.

Why write press releases? One of the top benefits of press release writing is the exposure you’ll generate.

You can use press releases to appear on multiple publications online. You can also share your press releases on social media or your blog. Each time you appear in front of a consumer, brand awareness will grow.

In time, that awareness will blossom into brand recognition. Then, you can start remaining top-of-mind with consumers. The next time they want your offerings, they’ll recall reading your press release.

People might begin sharing your digital press release with others, too. Then, you can expand your reach even more.

As you expand your reach online, you’ll discover new opportunities to generate leads and sales.

Establish Credibility

Consumers won’t choose your business if they can’t find a reason to trust your brand.

Posting press releases will give you an opportunity to remain honest and transparent with customers. Demonstrating transparency could encourage more customers to trust your brand.

Remember, they already trust the publications they’re reading, too. You can leverage that existing brand trust to grow your own. As brand trust grows, you might find it easier to generate leads and sales.

You can also create press releases to demonstrate your experience, expertise, and successes. Press releases can also help you convey EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness). EAT can help you become a credible resource.

Over time, consumers will begin to rely on you for information. You might even become a thought leader in your industry.

As more people give your brand a try, you might begin gaining loyal customers. Generating loyal customers can boost your ROI. Your loyal customers can also promote your business to their audiences, helping you reach new customers.

Increase Sales Potential

Use the latest press release tips to help more people recognize the features and benefits only you can offer. Highlight your unique value proposition to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, use press releases to mention your recent successes and accomplishments.

Using press releases can help more people recognize the benefits of choosing your business.

You can use press releases to accomplish different goals, too. For example, you can:

  • Announce a new product or service
  • Mention acquiring a new company
  • Announce a milestone

Press releases can help you spark interest in your target audience. You can build a buzz around a new product or service. You can even boost pre-sales by teasing a product release.

Using a press release benefits your brand’s value. You can show consumers your company is growing and expanding. They might feel more inclined to start shopping from your brand.

As you attract new customers and investors to your business, you can boost your ROI for lasting growth.

Support Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help more people find your content online. Higher rankings will ensure consumers see your content before competing businesses. You can optimize your press releases with SEO to boost your rankings.

As your rankings improve, you’ll gain more online exposure and website traffic. As you generate more traffic, you could generate more leads and sales, too.

You don’t have to apply these press release tips alone, though. Instead, consider hiring a press release writing and distribution agency. With their help, you can accomplish your press release goals in no time.

Generate More Traffic

You can add a link to your press releases to send readers to your website. These links, called backlinks, can boost your SEO rankings. They can also help you generate more referral traffic.

As consumers read your press release on their favorite publication websites, they might decide to visit your website. Once they learn about your business, they might decide to convert into a lead or sale.

Remain Proactive

It can take months to generate brand trust but only an instant to lose it. If something goes wrong, you need to control the narrative. Sending out a press release will help you remain honest and proactive.

You can maintain transparency, keep consumers up-to-date, and respond to any crisis.

Why Write Press Releases?: Experience These Benefits Today

To recap, why write press releases? Press releases can help you attract new customers to your business. You can inform consumers of news, achievements, and information in a crisis.

Remember, you don’t have to develop your press release strategy alone. We can help.

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