Can you make me #1 on Google for a search for my company name or keywords?

The great thing about press releases is that lots of people see a temporary increase in visibility on the search engines just because of the fact that your company or product name is mentioned in a press release that’s out there on a lot of different... Read More

How do you perform SEO on press releases?

SEO isn’t something that you should be performing on your press release. What you should be doing is writing something for the end-users of the press release, which is journalists, possibly bloggers in your industry. By doing that you will have your... Read More

How many people have read my release, and how do I track impressions?

At eReleases, we issue your press release by emailing it to subscribing journalists, moving it over the Associated Press (AP) Newswire, and distributing it over Cision PR Newswire, which transmits your press release through newswire terminals in... Read More

My first release did not meet my expectations. Why should I continue with a second or third?

If your goal is to get PR for your company, and to look at press releases as a way to market your company, you simply cannot judge a PR campaign on one or two press releases. No PR firm is going to sign a contract and issue one or two press releases,... Read More

What can I expect when I use your press release services?

One client asked if he could expect between a 3-5% publishing rate. We said he would be extremely lucky to receive between three and five articles written as a result of his press release distribution. Two of our most successful clients averaged... Read More

How do I know that the target media received my release? Can I have a WireWatch™ report that reflects my target selections?

Rest assured that we are delivering your press release to the media in your target category selections. This is why we disclose the outlets in each list here. Each outlet on each list represents a real editor, reporter or journalist looking for a lead... Read More

Do you think a major newspaper or broadcaster will do a story on me after my first press release?

While extremely unlikely, it is not impossible. Every day, we see newspapers, major and minor outlets, pick an obscure company to mention in an article. Many of these companies are plucked out of obscurity because they’ve issued a press release and... Read More

Why isn’t a particular magazine or news source listed in your media database?

We provide a list of representative sources for each target list(s) selected: However, we cannot force an editor or source to accept our press releases as our lists operate at the discretion and procedures of... Read More

How can I find out who wrote about us?

We send you a WireWatch™ report shortly after distribution providing you with as many as 200 links to where you can view your press release live on the Internet. These are sites that stream much of Cision PR Newswire’s press releases,... Read More

What will my press release look like – can I see a preview?

Most new customers to eReleases are understandably curious to know what their press release will look like when published. They are eager to see a preview of their actual release before placing their first order with us. We provide below many examples... Read More