How do I know that the target media received my release? Can I have a WireWatch™ report that reflects my target selections?

Rest assured that we are delivering your press release to the media in your target category selections. This is why we disclose the outlets in each list here. Each outlet on each list represents a real editor, reporter or journalist looking for a lead on the next great thing. Every morning, our team custom-builds the list of recipients for each release and deploys a campaign in which the intended recipients receive a specific press release via email. This campaign takes place simultaneously with the newswire distribution. This is what targeting is all about. The hits you see on your WireWatch™ report, which is delivered to all of our customers, are really instant gratification: Your release is out in the world, and here it is on major sites. Targeting, however, yields slower results because you’re dealing with the human factor. A live, breathing person is essentially making a judgment on your release — and doing it on his or her own timing. Moreover, these members of the media are often operating offline in print or broadcast outlets not visible to Google and driven by long lead-times. Any given press release may not resonate with any given targeted contact at any given time. But if it does, the reward can be phenomenal.

In addition, you may find some value in a clipping service like those described at

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