Do you think a major newspaper or broadcaster will do a story on me after my first press release?

While extremely unlikely, it is not impossible. Every day, we see newspapers, major and minor outlets, pick an obscure company to mention in an article. Many of these companies are plucked out of obscurity because they’ve issued a press release and appeared on a particular journalist’s radar. In those cases, it’s often more a case of luck in which a press release appeared at a time when a journalist was looking for a person, product, or company to incorporate into a story. The key is that it does happen.

If you look at the testimonials section on our website, you can view the amazing success that many of our clients have had.

One thing you may notice is that in most cases, it’s not their first press release that generated success. In many cases it might be their second, third or sixth press release that catapulted them out of obscurity. In most cases, their press releases are NOT breaking news. These are people who are issuing the same type of news that you probably have around you, and they are doing the same types of business activities that you are doing, which could be incorporated into a press release and get you in front of the media.

These are the media opportunities that our customers are getting but you are not because you are not issuing press releases to the media.

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