What can I expect when I use your press release services?

One client asked if he could expect between a 3-5% publishing rate. We said he would be extremely lucky to receive between three and five articles written as a result of his press release distribution. Two of our most successful clients averaged between two and four articles each press release submission. However, those articles were in the Washington Post, The Economist, Bride, and Minorities In Business magazine. In fact, the client appearing in Minorities In Business magazine was also named “Female Entrepreneur of the Year.” This doesn’t happen with everyone. But it does happen. And it can dramatically change a business when it does occur.

For guaranteed publishing rates, expect to pay a PR firm at least $6,000 a month — and they tend to work on a tier system. That $6,000 will be directed at receiving press on the trade magazine/source level. For an additional amount, they will then move up to traditional sources such as newspapers. Again, these PR firms earn that money. It is not easy getting media coverage. But if you are on a budget, it makes sense, at the very least, to submit press releases on a regular basis. A single press release is less likely to result in press than a monthly press release or, at the very minimum, a press release sent each quarter. Viewing each press release as part of an ongoing media campaign is the best way to remain focused and to eventually receive media coverage for your company.

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