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Only 70% of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Without fresh content, you could miss out on a change to reign in new customers. About 84% of companies outsource their content creation to generate fresh leads. You could save yourself valuable time and energy by working with a professional team. Outsourcing press releases to a marketing agency can benefit your entire brand.

Still on the fence? Here are six reasons to work with a professional agency instead of taking the DIY approach. By working with a professional writer, you can boost business and get ahead this year!

Keep reading to discover the six benefits of outsourcing press release projects.

1. Improve Your Content

Writing press releases requires a specific approach. Otherwise, you could use the wrong format and fail to get your message across. News publications receive hundreds of press releases a day.

If yours doesn’t catch their eye, they’ll toss it into the rejected stack.


You can improve your content and get your release published by hiring a professional journalist. Journalists understand how to make content “newsworthy.” They focus on the five W’s, proper grammar, style, and format to write effective press releases.

Most journalists use the inverted pyramid writing style. The most important information appears at the top of the page. As the press release goes on, they can add supplemental information to provide readers with more information. 

A press release should include:

  • A headline that highlights the main point
  • An attention-grabbing intro/lead
  • Sources to prove credibility
  • Essential information to answer relevant questions
  • Quotes

Before hiring a journalist to write your press release, make sure they have experience. They should also understand the importance of reaching your target audience. Otherwise, they’ll fail to write with the publication and your audience in mind. 

Understanding your audience can ensure they write a newsworthy, attention-grabbing release.

If you struggle to create content on a schedule, consider working with a professional writer. Their skillset can ensure your releases use the right words to reach the right audience. With their help, you can entice readers to learn more about your business.

2. Become a Thought Leader

An effective press release can also help you become a thought leader within your niche. Becoming a thought leader can help establish your credibility. As your credibility grows, brand trust and loyalty could, too.

Brand loyalty can help you keep long-time customers. Customer retention can boost repeat sales, allowing you to improve your ROI. 

An effective press release can give readers relevant, exciting information about your business. It also gives readers a chance to better understand your services and products. By writing an effective press release, you can provide readers with transparency.

That transparency could encourage them to trust you more.

Working with a marketing agency can help you develop press releases designed to position you as a thought leader. You can showcase your innovative ideas, remain honest with your audience, and boost your brand’s reputation. 

Trying to write these releases on your own, however, might leave you struggling to accomplish your goals. 

3. Established Connections

Do you know powerful journalists who can help distribute your press releases to different outlets? If not, you might not get the traction you’re looking for. Instead of taking the DIY approach, consider working with a professional journalist.

Hiring a journalist or marketing agency can help you leverage their existing connections. You won’t have to build a relationship with journalists at different publications. Instead, you can work with someone who already has those connections.

Establishing connections with high-profile journalists can help your press releases reach the right people.

4. Draw Investors

A well-written release can help you generate business from customers and investors.

Investors want to choose businesses that are credible and primed for success. A great press release can show investors you’re a credible, worthy business. Investors can learn more about your business through the release.

Then, they can contact you for more information.

5. Generate Brand Awareness

If people don’t know about your business, they’re not likely to choose your products or services. Hiring a professional writer to create your releases can help you generate brand awareness. As brand awareness grows, recognition will, too.

It takes five to seven impressions before people begin to remember your brand. Over 80% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content. By creating effective releases, you can boost awareness and connect with your customers. 

Work with a professional agency that understands the importance of personalized content. They’ll understand how to connect with your audience, allowing you to draw in more customers. 

6. Connect Your Campaigns

You’re already busy enough running your business. Taking the time to write, edit, and distribute press releases can steal time from your customers. Instead, consider hiring an experienced marketing agency.

They already understand how press release distribution works. With their help, you can save valuable time and effort. You won’t waste time with ineffective releases that fail to meet the mark.

At the same time, a professional agency can also help you connect your campaigns. You can use a press release to meet different goals, including:

  • Generating website traffic
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Increasing leads and conversions
  • Increasing brand trust and loyalty
  • Establishing yourself as a thought leader

You can use different marketing strategies to achieve these goals. By adding a press release to the mix, you can lead readers through the buyer’s journey. They’ll have a better understanding of your business, which could encourage them to make a purchase. 

A press release can expand your reach, too. You won’t have to struggle to communicate with your target audience. Instead, you can work with a marketing agency that has experience with distribution.

With their help, you can make sure your releases reach the right people, whether your aim is local or worldwide. 

Write It Right: 6 Reasons to Hire an Agency to Distribute Your Press Releases

Don’t waste valuable time writing your own press releases. Instead, consider hiring a professional marketing agency. With their help, you can expand your reach and generate more business this year!

Eager to get started? We’re here to help!

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