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Are you looking for ways to ensure that your company’s brand remains intact? Do you need a way of improving the press releases that your company has? If so, then you need to hire a press release company to oversee it all.

Doing so can unlock a plethora of benefits for your company and its brand. It gives you high-quality content, improves your media coverage, and establishes a good reputation that you and your company can build on. 

See below for several signs that you should hire a press release company for your organization. It may very well be the smartest decision you ever make!

1. Your SEO is Suffering

Perhaps you’ve realized the need to grow your company’s online presence. After all, if your target audience’s primary hang-out spot is online (which it likely is), then you need to establish your digital brand.

If so, then search engine optimization (SEO, for short) is your starting point. Consider it the foundation of your company’s entire online marketing strategy. Do you want to make your brand known to the online world? SEO is the way.

Pulling Hair

But what is SEO, really? In short, it’s making your company’s website and digital platforms more appealing for search engines such as Google. Using things like keywords and links, your company can continue building its SEO presence.

With a press release company by your side, you can start to make headway in that department. It isn’t uncommon for digital press releases to increase the organic search on a company’s site.

The press release company will create a well-written document that can give a boost to your website’s “news” page. Once they’ve read that press release, they’re likely to visit other pages on your site, which will improve your bounce rate as well. 

Keep your customers informed on the current events with your company and industry, and they will return to your site time and time again. Thus building your SEO presence along the way!

2. You Need Higher Sales Conversions

Who doesn’t, right? Any company would tell you that they could always improve their sales conversions. However, company owners know when it’s hail mary time.

If that’s the case for your organization, then it’s time to start looking at the customer journey map. 

There are five stages to the online customer journey: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy. If you want to increase your sales conversions, you always have to start with building awareness.

That’s where a press release company can be a tremendous help! They can help you release PR writing pieces that keep your prospects and current clients updated on your company at all times.

These days, customers only want to do business with companies that are transparent and approachable. Press releases automatically give your brand an honest and transparent side because they’re intended to keep your customers in the loop.

Once the customers know they can trust you, they will start to browse your products/services (the consideration phase). Using the information from your press release, they’ll have more confidence in your brand and, thus, are far more likely to purchase!

3. You Need to Update Your Customers More

No matter what industry you’re in, there will always be a need to keep your clients informed on your latest decisions, purchases, etc. 

As we’ve already seen above, that level of transparency has a direct effect on your company’s sales, marketing success, customer satisfaction, and so much more.

If you feel a glaring need to be more transparent with your target audience, then be sure to hire a press release company right away.

Did you know that professional sports teams use press release companies? Any time they make a trade, sign a free agent, or engage in a community activity, they announce it via a press release

Why? Because it increases their media coverage. It shines a bright light on their entire organization, not just the players that take the field. Take a page out of their book and hire the right press release company today!

4. You Have Too Much on Your Plate Already

Press releases aren’t something your company can afford to ignore. Without a press release, your noble community activities and company decisions won’t reach your target market. 

However, you already have enough to worry about. Why not maximize the need for a press release by hiring a professional press release company?

At eReleases, we will accommodate all your needs. You set the schedule. You tell us what to say. You control the entire process! 

Don’t have time to type up notes to send us? No problem! You can schedule a quick call at your convenience and then answer a few short questions. We’ll use your answers to create the press release and post it on your site!

5. Writing Isn’t Your Strongsuit

We all have different gifts and talents. As a business owner, your company likely mirrors the strengths and weaknesses that you have. For example, if you’re the type to pay close attention to detail, then your business operations are virtually flawless.

Unfortunately, it can also take on your weaknesses. If writing is one of them, then you don’t want the content associated with your brand to suffer.

Turn that weakness into a strength by putting it in the hands of a professional press release company. All your news will be given a positive spin for your site visitors to enjoy.

Hire a Press Release Company for Your Needs Today

Now that you have seen several different signs that you need assistance with your press releases, be sure to hire a press release company to fill that need today!

Be sure to read this article for more information on the top features of a success-driving press release for your company.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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