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Your Web Site’s Role in Public Relations Success

December 05 2008

As a web site consultant who focuses on the public relations role corporate web sites play, I’ve created the following quick tips for anyone to evaluate the public relations success of their web site. As you read this article, open your browser and see how your web site measures up. Read More

Public Opinion Matters in Public Relations

December 04 2008

You’re trying to improve job recruiting and retention. You’re worried about local backlash over your expansion plans. You’re about to launch a new product or service. The next step is finding out what your audience is thinking. If you try to guess, you could waste a lot of time and money. Regardless of your company’s size or your available public relations resources, you don’t need to fly completely blind. Here are four four tips to improve your results when researching public opinion. Read More

Avoiding PR Nightmares Through Crisis Management

December 04 2008

Public relations professionals take note: Crisis management is not the mastery of spin, but preventing a PR nightmare. Read the following tips from communications consultant Allan Bonner, a specialist in crisis management and media training, and then ask yourself whether or not your company or PR firm is prepared for the crisis the just might be around the corner. Read More

A Black Friday for Public Relations

December 03 2008

Everything is on sale. That was the big message public relations and advertising departments were desperate to get across last week and earlier this week, as retailers tried to pry money out of the wallets of cash-strapped consumers. The message was received, to a certain extent. Read More

Thoughts on the Current State of the PR Industry

December 02 2008

Election season is over, the economy is in the dumps, and winter is creeping in. As such, here are some random musings on the current state of public relations and a few tips for PR professionals. Read More

Four Media Outlets with Unexpected PR Opportunities

December 01 2008

Clients often have lofty expectations, pushing for “big hits” instead of a steady stream of solid media exposure. In doing so, they may miss out on important public relations opportunities by ignoring the possibility that a magazine with a circulation of 30,000 can do as much for them as an article in a national newspaper. With this mind, here are four media opportunities–two specific media outlets and two types of media outlets–that I believe should be on the pitch list of anyone who works in public relations. Read More

Press Release Distribution Basics

December 01 2008

Sending Press Releases

Even seasoned public relations pros sometimes need to be reminded how to get the best results when they send out a press release. Whether you’re a press release newbie or have sent out hundreds of releases during your career, the following tips should serve as a reminder of what to do—and maybe more importantly, what not to do. Read More

PR Freak Outs: Keeping Calm When Dealing With Reporters

December 01 2008

There’s really nothing funnier than a PR person freaking out. If you’re a journalist, that is. Public relations folk and journalists are very similar. Where journalists and PR people freak out is where the difference between the two beasts really becomes noticeable. Journalists freak out at editors for any number of reasons (think unreasonable deadlines or expectations). People in the public relations industry tend to freak out, well, a lot. Read More

The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Relations

January 18 2008

In the promotion of your business through public relations, there are a number of “fatal” mistakes you can make that will kill or distort your coverage. Of these, there are “Seven Deadly Sins of Public Relations” that will ruin your chances of success, and probably lead to bad press. Read More

Tips for Giving Successful Radio Interviews and Podcast Guest Interviews

January 18 2008

Radio Interview and Podcast Guest Interview Tips

You received the call you’ve been waiting for. A radio producer has scheduled an interview to discuss your book, service, product, or issue that you want to promote. You know that discussing your topic on local, national, or even international radio is a great way to share your news. You know that radio hosts worldwide have a constant need for interesting guests, and there’s no reason you can’t share the airwaves with them. Read More