7 Videos of Guests Losing Their Temper during TV Interviews

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If you’re going on TV for an interview, you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of these angry guests. Check out these 7 videos of guests blowing up at reporters.

1. Jim Everett Attacks Jim Rome – NFL quarterback Jim Everett finally had all he could take of host Jim Rome calling him “Chris” Evert, the name of a popular female tennis player.

2.     Vince McMahon Lays the Smack Down on Real Sports – WWE owner Vince McMahon snaps when he’s asked about the high number of deaths in pro wrestling.

Male Bullhorn

3. Iron Mike Tyson cuts interview short – Any interview in which the guest’s parting words are “F*** off” probably didn’t go as planned.

4. Jim Mora cusses out reporter – Man, I really wish Jim Mora would start coaching again.

5. Dennis Green has a press conference meltdown – After losing to the Bears, Cardinals coach Dennis Green loses it during his press conference, taking his anger out on the microphone.

6. Governor Kirk Fordice threatens to whoop reporter’s @$$–Former Mississippi governor Kirk Fordice wants to fight a reporter after questions about his infidelity.

7. Solange Knowles makes a fool of herself – Apparently the less-popular Knowles doesn’t know the difference between live TV and off-camera discussions.

What are some of your favorite meltdowns? Share your thoughts in the replies.

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