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Public Relations doesn’t have to be a solo effort. In fact, your entire company can be involved, including the secretary and everyone in the mail room! It just takes a little ingenuity and employees willing to help out.

I say the latter as you really don’t want to make your PR efforts mandatory. While everyone at your company may be totally dedicated to the cause, some just don’t like talking to people or going outside. That being said, I will try to include something for everybody!

1. Charity Events

One of the best ways to instill confidence in your customers of your company’s goodwill is through charitable acts. But don’t just donate money and be done with it! Any company can do that, and the public will see right through it as disingenuous.

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Instead, get out there and make your faces known! Involving your employees in a company event not only creates instant public spokespeople for your business but also makes everyone feel good. The more people see you and your employees doing good, the more likely they’ll come visit you at your store.

2. Local Events

Instead of focusing on charity work, you can also organize or participate in a local event. These can include parades, holidays, or even something totally made up. Throw a picnic party for the company but invite the public at large to come along.

Having fun and unwinding once in a while is a good thing, but you can also show your customers how dedicated everyone is while at the event. Let everyone have a drink or two (probably not three though) and make some friends in the community.

3. Include Them on Your Website

This may not work if you have a roster of hundreds at your business, but if you’re a small business with a limited number of employees, set up profiles for them. It’s a simple way to show how hands-on your employees are when it comes to your company. Not only are they dedicated workers, they care enough to show their faces and share their personal stories!

4. Social Networking

This one might end up being a little dangerous, considering the possibility of slip-ups. However, consider setting up social media profiles for your individual workers like you set up the profiles listed above. Make sure they stick to pure business matters, of course. But it could inject a little personality in your business if customers see your employees enjoying working at the company so much they tweet and post about it to the public.

5. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth doesn’t just work with customers. It also works with your employees. Keep them happy, and they’ll gladly tell everyone they meet about your product or service!

Give them rewards and incentives to motive them to work hard and be productive. However, random goodies are always a plus. One place I worked used to give out chances to win a $100 gift card every month with a giant bubble gum machine. It was silly, but we all looked forward to it, and not just because of the prize. Plain and simple, it was fun, and made us talk about the company!

What ways have you involved your employees in your PR efforts in the past?

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