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How much more revenue could your business generate from the exposure to millions of potential customers?

press release newswire

Well, if your business produces regular newsworthy content, you could profit from this information, reaching a wider audience.

Writing a press release newswire is the first step, but getting this content to as many people as possible could boost your sales and grow your business.

Working with a PR company guarantees your releases will feature on top radio and TV stations and influential websites and social networks. What’s more, most PR companies offer these packages to small business owners.

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So, if your goal is to reach a wider audience, who could become future clients, then you should pick a company based on the following criteria. Keep reading to learn more about what you should know to get started.

1. Experience

Experience is the one thing you want to look for in a press release newswire. Because the longer a company has been in business, the more equipped they’re to hit your targets.

For this reason, you want a company with a proven track record of delivering accurate and timely results.

Confirm through their website whether the company has enough experience to achieve measurable results. Make sure that they align with the needs of your business.

At any cost, a press release company should be able to:

Build Brand Engagement

The secret to building a connection with your audience is engaging them on all platforms. A press release newswire should provide avenues to establish a brand authority by interacting with your audience.

Boost Search Visibility

With 90% of consumers online, getting your releases to appear on top of search engines could boost your visibility, and hence, chances of selling.

So, a press release company should have high domain authority and a structured SEO content creation process in all your releases to rank.

Increase Conversion

If your goal is to onboard as many new clients by writing a press release, a press distribution company should help you do this.

Ensure it has the proper connection in the media world to get your release across all digital news platforms.


Connecting with the right circles is crucial to getting your releases across all national media outlets.

Even if you write juicy headlines, the most impact comes from getting your content to as many people as possible.

For this reason, a newswire with deep ties in the media world should be among your top picks. This could be relationships with key stakeholders and journalists or access to top-tier news websites like Google News, Yahoo, and Bing.

2. Support System

The success of your press releases will depend on the type of support you get from the newswire company.

If you don’t know how to write a catchy press release, the company you choose should offer this service at no extra cost.

What’s more, a release distributor should teach you the concept of creating and marketing press releases.

This could be by providing eBooks or a whitepaper list of all the crucial steps in the process.

Be wary of companies that charge extra for support services and instead choose those that include them in the packaged prices.

3. Competitive Prices

All the best press release distributors offer competitive prices for their services. But, working within a budget ensures you get value for your money.

Identify a list of potential companies that offer what you need in line with your budget. Then, cut them one after the other based on their merits and demerits to find the right company to market your releases.

Avoid lower-priced companies which are intent on milking your dry by not providing the correct press release services.

4. Extra Features

Some distribution services offer more features as part of their packages, while others do not. For this reason, you want a company that can popularize your releases through:

Customizable, Interactive Content

Customized press releases are easy to scan through and go straight to the point. Also, the systems save them as HTML for Google crawlers to locate them.

A service company should create custom content for their clients that pique the interest of their target audience.

Multimedia Embed

Appealing press releases are likely to get more attention than plain content. Thus, you want a company that allows embedding images, infographics, and video clips in your releases, especially if you’re marketing a specific product.

5. Extra Services

While creating exciting press releases is a crucial initial step, the success of a press release lies in more than great content.

A press release newswire should go the extra mile to popularize your content on niche platforms and all media outlets.

A comprehensive popularization campaign includes strategic media placement, video production, and international press release distribution.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials serve as a good sign of whether a newswire is suitable for your business or not. Most testimonials are on the company website near the review section, and previous satisfied or dissatisfied clients write them.

So, read through all the reviews on the company page. If a newswire company has more negative than positive comments in this section, cross it from your list and look at the other options.

Be sure to confirm that reviews on each website are legit because some companies create pseudo accounts to leave positive comments alone.

7. Analytics

Tracking the numbers generated by a press release helps determine whether you’re hitting your mark or not long term.

For example, if your goal is to get 1000 new customers after an escape, a company should show you how they get new audiences.

When a company can’t track your press release success rate or miss the mark, look for better options to get you closest to your goal.

8. Ease of Use

Does the newswire have a complicated press release submission process? The harder it is to access or operate the company interface, the more difficult it becomes to meet your goals.

For this reason, you want a company with a program with all the features presented. If possible, ask for a demo to get an idea of how the system works.

At the very least, look at the online reviews on the site’s functionality to know whether the interface is complex or easy to use.

9. Distribution Channels

Distribution channels help as many people see your press release as possible. So, if a company promises to get you extensive coverage on your release, ask for some of the media outlets; they’ll look to air or publish your releases.

Look at your other options if a press release newswire can’t get you both local and international coverage through different outlets.

Besides, avoid distributors who offer press release distribution services as an extra service.

Remember this is part of the process, and it should come with the complete package.

10. Objective

If your goal is to improve search visibility through your press releases, go for a company that can incorporate SEO techniques into your releases.

So, if you’re on a mission to convert more potential customers, you want a service distributor that can do direct-response copywriting.

The aim of a press release should be the driving force behind the company you choose.

Thus, it would be best if the company of your choice offers all these services as a package because this means you can utilize different tactics to get to your intended goal.

11. Intended Audience

Who are your press releases geared towards the most? There are three ways you can segment your target audience.

By Market

Are your core audiences in the local, regional or national markets? Separating your audience by the market is an excellent way to narrow down to a loyal group to direct most of your marketing efforts to this group.

By Industry

There are specific industries that may enjoy the information you share through regular press releases.

For example, they’re in the automotive or manufacturing industry. Dividing your audience by industry helps create targeted press releases for them.

By International Standards

It would be best to determine whether your core audiences are in Europe, Africa, or Asia. This will help you address each group’s main issues and the solutions available through your press release.

Once you have a core audience in mind, choose a press release newswire that can get you closest to this demographic.

For instance, your press release should go to editors on top-tier family websites if you sell kids’ products.

This way, the release is relevant to the group and speaks offers solutions to problems they face.

Choosing Your Press Release Newswire

Now that you understand what it takes to find a press release newswire befitting your business, you can go to the market.

Remember to look at the most critical elements in a distribution company. This includes experience, support, network, and ease of use.

If you’d like to partner with a reputable press release company, contact us to get all the information you need to make an informed choice.

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