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Are you wondering whether or not it makes sense to publish a press release? In short, the answer is a definitive “yes.”

Benefits of Publishing a Press Release

There are multiple benefits to publishing a press release, including:

  1. Communicating with journalists – press releases are the easiest, and oftentimes, best way to tell journalists your story
  2. Getting your message in front of millions of potential customers at a very low cost
  3. Building credibility for your company, cause, or organization
  4. Increasing consumer engagement and relationships
  5. Building traffic to your website

No matter how great your products or services are, you need a way to inform consumers about them. That’s where a press release comes into the equation. Press releases are worth the time and effort no matter what industry you’re operating in. Still not sure? Keep on reading to see 11 benefits of publishing a press release.
publishing a press release

1. Publishing a Press Release Brings Exposure

Writing a press release and distributing it through appropriate channels will gain you valuable exposure. It’s been said that if you build it, they will come. But “they” — namely, customers — need to know about your offerings.

With the press release, you can convey what your value proposition is, why people should care, how they can get in touch when they can get your products or services, where they can find you, and much more.


If you retain the services of a business that produces and distributes press releases, you can get your message out in a cost-effective way. You’ll reach a critical mass of people and ensure your message gets seen and heard.

2. Press Releases Reach Sales Prospects

When a press release writer produces winning copy that includes a call to action, the result could be higher sales. The press release will highlight and underscore the key benefits of your products or services for customers.

You’ll want a press release with a clear, concise, and effective call to action that prompts a positive response from your target market. By employing the right press release strategies, you can boost the corporate bottom line.

3. Publishing a Press Release Gives You Thought Leader Status

Another benefit of pursuing a press release strategy is that it’ll give you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

You can use your press release to establish a reputation as an expert in your field. As you build a reputation as an authority in your field, you’ll be able to communicate the value proposition of your products and services.

Consumers are more likely to patronize your company if they see you as knowledgable, honest, and dependable. By writing a press release and submitting it to the right places, you can build such a reputation.

4. Press Releases Offer Multi-Channel Distribution

Press release submission also offers the chance to distribute your message — and reach your desired demographic — via multiple channels. You can also tweak the press release to better suit the various channels you’re targeting.

You don’t want to be stuck with trying to reach consumers via one distribution channel. It’s important to leverage as many channels as you can to reach a critical mass of consumers who fit your target market.

Your message can be communicated via newspaper articles, the radio, social media networks, and more. Tapping multiple channels can really make your marketing strategy more effective and help you build your brand.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure your press release has the right information, is written effectively, and is distributed to the right channels. Here’s a look at a press release sample if you need a bit of inspiration to get the ball rolling.

5. They Help You Build a List of Media Contacts

Getting a skilled press release writer to head your marketing strategy will also allow you to build a list of media contacts. Journalists are always looking for interesting developments to communicate to their readers.

As you become known as someone whose press releases offer value, you’ll have the chance to build up a contact list. Journalists will also pick your brain should they be working on stories where your expertise would be a good fit.

6. Press Releases Are a Very Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

It can be cost-effective to hire a press release submission company to produce and distribute a press release on behalf of your business. The service provider will get the necessary information from you and then work its magic.

Going this route will enable you to focus on running your company. Also, consider that a press release writing and distribution company will work alongside your marketing department. So it’s worth considering.

Remember that many types of paid advertising can be pricey — particularly if your small business doesn’t have a huge marketing budget. It can be much more affordable to outsource this important task to a third-party company.

7. Press Releases Improve Website Traffic

The right press release strategies will also help you generate more traffic to your website. This can, in turn, increase sales and profits for your company.

When distributing press releases online, you can include links that take consumers back to your website. So if you have a landing page on your site where you want people to visit, you can link to it in your press releases.

Outsourcing the writing and distribution of your press releases to a skilled provider of such services will help you generate greater website traffic.

The service provider will understand exactly how to attract eyeballs and increase the odds of people visiting your website. And the more people who go to pages featuring your offerings, the more sales you can generate.

It’s also important to note that the service provider you work with will understand how to increase your website’s SEO profile. It will also incorporate meta tags, relevant keywords, and more to generate the most interest.

So you’ll get plenty of bang for your hard-earned buck when you retain the services of a professional press release writer.

8. Press Releases Create Social Sharing Possibilities

When it comes to press release submission, there are social sharing possibilities. What this means is that people who get the press release and who find it useful and relevant are more likely to send it to people they know.

And these recipients may also choose to share the content with friends, family, and acquaintances who they believe can benefit from it.

This won’t only potentially increase the number of people who get to see your press release and possibly generate even more traffic to your website. There’s no telling how much extra exposure your press release can get.

The great thing is that you won’t be out any extra money from social sharing. Social sharing will be icing on the proverbial cake. So it’s worth incorporating press releases in any marketing campaigns your company is planning.

9. News Releases Can Inform Your Audience of New Developments

Because press releases are a cost-effective form of paid advertising, you can use them to inform your target demographic of any developments at your company.

Whether there are new products or services, special discounts or promotions, or anything else you want people to know about, press releases can help. You can ensure that customers and prospective clients are kept up to date.

10. Press Releases Help You Stay Top of Mind

With so many companies out there competing for the same customers, you can use press releases to promote your unique value proposition to consumers. So they will know where to turn if they need the types of offerings you sell.

This can help you differentiate your company from rivals that might not be as proactive about using press releases in their marketing strategies. What you want is to stay top of mind with your target market. Press releases can help.

A well-crafted press release strategy will create an indelible impression on your desired demographic.

11. News Releases Allow You To Control the Narrative

Do you want to let others tell your story, or do you want to control the narrative? Chances are that you’ll prefer the latter — and for good reason.

Marketing provides a way for your company to communicate a consistent message to the marketplace. And press releases can be a part of this objective.

When you use press releases to communicate developments, you’ll have control over the narrative. You’ll be able to craft a message that builds your brand, explains your products or services, and appeals to consumers’ needs.

The Key to Success – Effective Press Release Distribution

In spite of the incredible power and potential press releases offer, some companies don’t get the kinds of results mentioned above. Why? Because they didn’t effectively utilize a press release distribution company to get their release into the hands of large numbers of journalists who want to publish articles like yours.

Instead, they rely on their local media and a small list of the journalists they suspect might be interested in their story.

That’s why we recommend using a company like eReleases, which specializes in expanding the reach and impact of small businesses by distributing their press releases both through the most effective press release newswire in the world, PR Newswire, and to their custom-created list of highly-targeted journalists.

Click here to learn more and to access their first time-customer discounts.

And, just in case you’re still wondering if publishing press releases is right for you, here are

39 More Reasons Why Publishing Press Releases Is A Good Idea For Your Business

Publishing a Press Release:

  1. Helps in Crisis Management

  2. In the event of a crisis or negative publicity, a well-crafted press release can help control the narrative and mitigate damage to your reputation.

  3. Promotes Products and Services

  4. Press releases are an excellent platform to introduce new products or services, reaching potential customers directly with your message.

  5. Establishes Expertise

  6. Sharing your insights and expertise through a press release can help establish you as an authority in your field.

  7. Attracts Investors

  8. High-quality press releases can attract the attention of potential investors, who may see your company as a good opportunity for investment.

  9. Improves Investor Relations

  10. Regular press releases can keep current investors informed about company progress and developments, building stronger relationships.

  11. Expands Your Media Coverage

  12. Press releases can attract attention from journalists and media outlets who have not covered you in the past, who may provide further coverage and exposure.

  13. Creates a Record

  14. Press releases provide a public record of your company’s milestones, successes, and changes, which can be helpful for future reference.

  15. Helps in Recruitment

  16. Highlighting the achievements of your company through press releases can attract high-quality talent.

  17. Encourages Local Support

  18. Local news outlets often pick up press releases, fostering community support and local recognition.

  19. Supports B2B Marketing

  20. Press releases can catch the attention of other businesses that may be interested in your products or services, encouraging B2B relationships.

  21. Offers Global Reach

  22. With digital platforms, your press release can reach not just local or national audiences, but global ones as well.

  23. Assists in Rebranding

  24. Press releases can be instrumental in rebranding efforts, helping to shift public perception of your company.

  25. Facilitates Partnerships

  26. By getting your message out widely, press releases can attract potential business partners.

  27. Helps Achieve Marketing Goals

  28. Press releases can form a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, helping to achieve broader marketing goals.

  29. Reaches Niche Markets

  30. By using industry-specific platforms, your press release can reach niche markets directly.

  31. Promotes Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  32. Press releases can highlight your CSR – corporate social responsibility initiatives, promoting your company’s ethical and social commitments.

  33. Engages in Community Building

  34. Press releases that highlight your company’s involvement in local community activities can foster goodwill and support.

  35. Supports Fundraising

  36. If your organization is a non-profit, press releases can help attract donations and support fundraising efforts.

  37. Assists in Mergers and Acquisitions

  38. During times of corporate change such as mergers and acquisitions, press releases can help manage the public’s understanding and acceptance of these changes.

  39. Keeps Your Business Top-of-Mind

  40. Regular press releases can ensure your business stays in the forefront of customers’ and investors’ minds, even when you don’t have major news or product launches.

  41. Enhances Internal Communication

  42. Press releases can ensure that all team members, irrespective of their role, are informed about key company news and updates.

  43. Boosts Brand Image

  44. High-quality press releases can contribute to a positive brand image by showcasing your professional approach to communication.

  45. Provides Measurable Results

  46. With digital press releases, you can track views, clicks, and other metrics to evaluate the success of your message and adjust future communications accordingly.

  47. Encourages Stakeholder Engagement

  48. By keeping all stakeholders informed, press releases can foster deeper engagement and commitment to your company’s mission.

  49. Spreads Positive News

  50. Press releases can help to counterbalance any negative news or reviews by promoting positive stories about your company.

  51. Educates the Market

  52. Press releases can be used to educate the market about new trends, technologies or concepts your business is involved in.

  53. Prevents Miscommunication

  54. By stating facts clearly, press releases can prevent miscommunication or misunderstandings about your company’s position or actions.

  55. Supports Content Marketing

  56. Press releases can be repurposed as blogs, articles, or other content, supporting your wider content marketing strategy.

  57. Influences Decision-Making

  58. By informing the public, press releases can influence decisions, whether it’s purchasing a product or investing in your company.

  59. Promotes Transparency

  60. Regular press releases show that your company values transparency, which can enhance trust and credibility.

  61. Supports Multichannel Marketing

  62. Press releases can be adapted for use across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent message while increasing reach.

  63. Helps in Damage Control

  64. If your company has made a mistake, a press release can be an effective way of admitting it, apologizing, and outlining your plan to rectify the situation.

  65. Encourages Loyalty

  66. Regular, honest communication through press releases can encourage loyalty among your customer base.

  67. Boosts Conversations

  68. By sparking interest and providing newsworthy content, press releases can initiate conversations around your brand.

  69. Establishes a Communication Channel

  70. Over time, press releases establish a consistent channel of communication with various stakeholders.

  71. Assists in Litigation

  72. In case of legal disputes, press releases can provide official statements that clarify your company’s stance.

  73. Highlights Unique Selling Proposition

  74. Press releases give you an opportunity to highlight what makes your business unique and stand out from the competition.

  75. Supports Your Digital Footprint

  76. A well-crafted press release shared across different platforms contributes to a positive and robust digital footprint.

  77. Offer an Affordable Way to Tap Into the Power Of Public Relations

If you’re one of the many companies who want to enjoy the explosive power of public relations, press release publishing is a great way to get started.

Can Press Releases Help? You Bet They Can!

Are you still wondering about whether or not to incorporate press releases into your company’s marketing strategy? If so, you owe it to yourself to consider it seriously. There are many benefits to having an effective press release plan.

When it comes to publishing a press release and getting it seen and distributed, your best bet is to retain the services of press release service company.

We assist small businesses in obtaining more website traffic and customers fitting their desired demographic via media coverage. So you can come to us for help in writing and distributing press releases.

Do you want to learn more about how we can help you grow your business, meet the needs of your customers and prospective customers, and more? Get in touch to see what we have in store for you.

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